Signs It’s Time to Change Your Life NOW

Signs It’s Time to Change Your Life NOW

Are you going through that awful a phase where you wake up every day wishing you didn’t have to face the outside world? You wake up wanting more, needing new experiences, craving a breakthrough, wishing something could happen to bring some color and excitement into your life. You head out every day to work and come home feeling unfulfilled. You meet with your friends to have fun yet you spend the whole day feeling distant and lonely. You are surrounded by people who love and support you, yet it feels like you have no one. Life has simply lost its sweetness. You may be dealing with depression and anxiety if this has been going on for some time. If not, perhaps you’ve found yourself caught in a rut.

You want more, you crave more, and it’s just not happening.

The truth is, it’s time for a transformation. When we begin to notice certain irregularities in our lives and behavior, it’s time for us to make some major changes. If you observe any of the following signs below in your life, it’s definitely time to sort through your emotions and transform your life. [1]

Everything is getting on your nerves

You need a change when you just can’t stand people anymore or overlook simple things. It’s more imminent if you are normally a laid back person who doesn’t get bothered by little things. You yell at everyone, you are cranky every minute, you are annoyed most of the time, and something as simple as a holdup at a paying queue would get you boiling.

The thought of going to work sickens you

If you find yourself calling in sick more often than usual, then a massive red flag is flaring at you. These days, you can’t help but hate your job and despise your superiors, and you simply can’t stand the sight of your colleagues. The tasks and projects don’t appeal to you anymore and your entire career is now just a means to an end.

Alcohol dependence

You’re starting to need several drinks to sleep and pulling a bottle whenever you’re alone. This is the onset of a spiral into an alcohol-dependent lifestyle that’s only going to eat away at your wellbeing. You need a drink to sleep, think, eat, and just survive. This is not healthy.

You cry all the time

You wake up with tears on your pillow and aches in your heart. Crying regularly is a sign of depression and it means that everything is not okay. Life is supposed to be lived happily and not cried away in pieces.

Phone calls are exhausting

If you’re starting to avoid phone calls from your friends and loved ones, you are probably dealing with an exhaustingly hard time. You don’t want to hear the sound of anybody’s voice or make small talk and sound as if everything is okay. It’s easier to avoid the reality of talking about your problems by running away from it, even though you know it’s only going to make things worse. 

You aren’t happy seeing your friends succeed

No matter how hard you try to deny the presence of this disgustingly negative emotion, you just can’t help but feel it. You can’t imagine why your friends are doing so well and getting all the milestones covered why you’re still stuck in the same phase. You resent them because they are happy and you are not. You avoid them because you cannot force yourself to smile and feign joy in their presence. You’re trying to shake off the envy but it’s only eating deeper and stoking the embers of hate.

Lying becomes an easy habit

You are starting to get out of doing a lot of things or facing certain discussions by lying your way out without conservation. You were never a habitual liar but now, a tap on the shoulder is all you need to come up with some false story to get out of doing something with your friends or talking about your troubles. It feels like an easy way out, but it only digs the hole deeper.

You’re beginning to find joy in backbiting

You rarely talk these days, but when you do, it’s just to say negative things about other people. You might be saying the truth, but you were never that person who delights in bringing others down, especially not behind their backs. Gossiping has become a hobby and you actually feel good talking about other people. It’s worse than you think.

Tips for living a happier life

If you’re presently dealing with a few or all of the above signs, you’d know one thing for sure: you deserve better than this. No one deserves to live a life of pain and emotional suffering. It filters into your personal relationships and makes it difficult to get up every day and lead a normal life. You need significant change, and below are a few things you can do to revitalize your life:

–  Take some time away. A change of environment is always helpful when a person is seeking to transform a monotonous or difficult life. Go somewhere that you’re certain would make you happy or a place of sentimental value. Connect with nature and let your spirit run wild and free. It’s time to stop caging it.

–  Meditate positively. It’s time to let go of all the negative emotions by channeling them away from your mind. Light and dark can never mix, and to give positive vibes a chance, you must let go of negativity. Speak to yourself. Genuinely let all the anger, hate, resentment, envy, jealousy, and malignant emotions out of your heart, and welcome the pure love, peace, and happiness that’s certain to follow.

–  Take better care of yourself. Sometimes, our lifestyles may contribute to the unpleasant spiral into a rut. You’re not eating healthy, not working out, and not paying attention to your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s time to switch up that diet and try to eat better. Go for green and happy foods while cutting down on the junk. Take a walk regularly. Use the stairs and avoid the elevator whenever you can. Book regular appointments with your GP and just try to avoid situations that will dampen your mood.

–  Avoid malignant friends. If there are people in your life roping you into vices such as overdrinking, smoking, gossiping, and backbiting, it’s time to keep your distance. You can always make new friends, but the most important thing is to avoid the ones negatively influencing your life.

–  Speak positive affirmations into your life. Normalize conversing with yourself. In life, the only opinion that truly matters is the one you have of yourself. Learn to say good things about yourself and mean it. Learn to love the reflection that stares back at you in the mirror. Learn to forgive yourself when you err, pick yourself up when you fall. You deserve a happy and fulfilled life, and it starts by making these essential changes.

In the end, you’re going to be all right.


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