10 Signs Your Personality Is So Intense That It’s Intimidating to Others

A person with an intense personality embraces all their principles, emotions, values and thoughts so deeply that they’ll often be a reflection of what other people are afraid to be. They understand life on a different dimension than most others do, and this would often cause them to become social outcasts.  

If you’ve ever wondered why people are too scared to come close to you, it’s probably because you intimidate them. You give them several things to think about that they’d rather not, and you also make them feel less of themselves, even though this is never intentional. However, not many people can handle these mindset shifts and this is why you’re always left alone.

Having an intense personality is not a bad thing. It’s not something to be ashamed of because you’re one of the most real people on earth. You can hold your own in any situation and you don’t back away from your thoughts and feelings. Strength is your foremost quality, and you don’t ever have to change who you are to fit in because you’re that special. 

However, most people don’t understand you and would probably not appreciate your fierceness towards life. If you’re wondering what it is about you that intimidates people so much, here a few qualities to look out for:  

1. You’re incredibly honest

The truth hurts sometimes and not everyone can handle it. Most people would rather be around a person who can sugarcoat the truth to avoid hurting their feelings, but that’s not you. You’re straightforward and you thrive around people who return the honesty. 

2. You can only connect on a deep level

You’re not interested in shallow relationships or casual flings. You can’t be with people when there is no strong emotional connection linking your minds. One-night stands and things like that are certainly a waste of time in your book. If the feelings aren’t real and burning, you’re not sticking around.

3. You do everything with a burning energy

You make an effort to be perfect at everything you do. When you take up a new activity, you put in a lot of energy and effort, often excelling more than most people would. You face your job with gusto and even when you’re relaxing, you make an effort to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Many people can’t keep up with your drive and it’d often scare them away. Their loss.

4. You’re a problem solver

Whatever comes your way, you’re always ready to deal. You’re the last person who would wallow in self-pity because life has dealt you an unfair hand. You use the energy that should have been used for worrying and wallowing to brainstorm and come up with possible solutions, and you’d never back down until you succeed.

5. You ask a lot of questions

This is one trait of yours that people misunderstand too quickly. It can be annoying being around someone who’s always asking questions, but they don’t understand why you’re doing it. They may think you’re trying to embarrass them or pry too much, but you’re only trying to understand them better. The first step to having a successful connection is understanding, and your intentions are always pure. However, they don’t see it that way at all and would often try to distance themselves.

6. You’re incredibly open-minded

People would often mistake this for being two-faced, but that’s far from it. You’re not one to be caged by mental dictations and societal expectations. You are always open to exploring other trains of thought than the ones you initially attested to, and you’re not afraid of trying out new ways of doing things. 

7. You stick to habits

You’re not one to seize the day however it comes or does things in any order that suits your mood. You’re a meticulous person and everything has to be in perfect order for you to function properly. 

8. You’re far too goal-oriented

This is one tricky quality to hold onto because it often presents as selfishness. You’re the kind of person who walks into any commitment or relationship with carefully laid-out goals, and you’d stick to it till the end. You don’t make sacrifices that do not align with your goals and for you, failure starts when you begin to have a rethink. While being goal-oriented is necessary for success, overdoing it can be damaging to your life. You might end up losing yourself in the process.

9. You’re not afraid of intimacy

Intimacy isn’t just sex. An intimate relationship involves a deep level of emotional familiarity, connecting with people on a level where your minds can communicate freely with one another. These relationships could involve your family, friends, partners or even acquaintances, and you’re not scared of getting too close to anyone because you’re not afraid of being hurt. You require people to submit to the intense attachment because you can only function on that mental level, and this can often get scary for some people. 

10. You’re a human lie detector

Most people immediately dislike a person who can see through their B.S. Honesty is so important to you that you’d call people out for even the smallest lies, and not everyone can handle these brutal reality checks. However, the people who stick with you know that they can always be themselves. There’s no reason to pretend around you because they know how much honesty means to you.

If you have an intense personality, be proud of it because you’re destined for greatness. One price to pay is that you’d probably not have a lot of friends, but the ones who stay would cherish you like their favorite star in the sky. You’d only have to be careful not to come across as insensitive or selfish, but don’t ever change who you are for anyone.

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