10-Minute Equipment-Free Belly Burning Workout You Can Do Anywhere

10-Minute Equipment-Free Belly Burning Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Modern lifestyles have made it difficult to maintain good body shape to many of us. We always lack time or money to visit fitness centres, and our busy living has impaired our will power to follow strict diet rules or regimen. It is not always possible to control ourselves from not eating the delicious food. Fortunately, here are some simple workouts that you can try at your home and get a flat tummy!

Before you start this workout routine, you should know the size of your tummy to reduce it. For this cause, you should take a measuring tape.  Wrap it around your waist at your belly button, while you are standing up and check your girth. Make sure that the tape measure is level. For men, the healthy waist size is 40, and for women, it is 35 inches.


Flat Stomach Workouts

These are the best exercises that can help you to get flat tummy and you can have more benefits by doing these exercises regularly. No equipment is required for all the exercises mentioned below. Try them at your home and get your desired flat tummy.


This is an amazing way to reduce stomach and to build strong abdominal muscles, so it should be performed by anyone who wants to get flat tummy.


Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. Place your hands on both sides of your head. Take care not to lock your fingers or to pull your head up. Push a little of your back into the floor to engage the abdominals. Tilt your chin slightly and leave a few inches space between your chin and chest.

Now roll your shoulders off the floor. The gap between your shoulder and floor should be 4 inches and your lower back should remain always on the floor. Just be like that for a moment at the top and then move back down slowly.

Do this 3 sets of 15 reps.

Hindu/Judo Push-up/Dive Bombers

This exercise is also very beneficial when you want to flatten the tummy..


Put your hands flat on the floor and maintain a distance shoulder’s width apart. Keep your back straight and extend your legs behind in order to form the push-up position. Keep your feet wider than your shoulder’s width, so that your body is supported only by your toes and hands.

Start position: Take your hands in the backward direction towards your feet. Maintain your arms straight. Now arch your chest and body in the forward direction so that your hips move down towards the floor.

Final position: When you return to the starting position, straight your arms and arch your back, which will push your torso in the upwards direction. Thus, your chest is outwards and your sight should be in a direction above you.

If you are a beginner, you can perform the exercise by putting the knees on the floor and only the movement of the upper body is required.

Repeat this exercise in 3 sets of 12 reps.

Burpees/Squat Thrust

Burpees are miraculous exercise to burn extra calories and make you stronger.


Position your feet about hip-width apart and squat to the floor, placing your hands on the floor in front of you.

Now jump the feet out and come to a pushup position, on the hands and toes with the body in a straight line. Then, return to start position, by jumping the feet back.

Repeat this jumping your feet out and in for 30 to 60 seconds for 3 sets of 10 reps.

Mountain Climbers/Alternating Knee-ins

Try this exercise to flatten your tummy fast by doing mountain climbers, which will give visible results very soon.


Place your hands flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Extend your torso and legs fully behind you with only your toes and balls of your feet touching the floor, so that your body is in a straight line, supported only on toes and hands.

Start with either leg. Flex your knee and hip at the same time to bring your knee up and then under your hip. You should keep the other leg extended completely.

Then, change the leg, extending the leg back which is extended and simultaneously flexing the straight leg until it is in the start position.

Repeat this for 3 sets of 15 reps.

Jump Squat

You can do this exercise without equipment. Just follow the below steps and reduce your tummy size easily.


Stand in the same start position. First do a regular squat, later engage your core and jump up.

When you land, lower your body and return it to the squat position again.

This exercise should be done in 3 sets of 15 reps.

Side Plank

This one will definitely give amazing results on the size of your tummy and on your lower back.


Hold your whole body in a straight line with your elbow beneath your shoulders. Hold in that position as long as you can, but you should not let your hips drop. Repeat the same on the other side.

Do this exercise for 3 sets of 30 reps.

Inchworm/Walk Out

This exercise offers many positive effects for your body, so it is worth the try!


Stand straight with your legs extended. Bend over from your hips and touch the floor with your palms flat on the floor. Keep your legs straight as you walk your hands as far forward, and do not let your hips drop.  Take small steps and walk your feet to hands.

Do this exercise in 3 sets of 15 reps.


Lose your tummy weight naturally by doing this amazing exercise for 5 minutes a day.


Get into a press-up position. Bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms. Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Suck your belly button into your spine to engage your core. Hold in this position for a few seconds, and prolong this with time, as you are more experienced.