Ten Ways Old Souls Love Differently

An old soul is a person who is said to be wise beyond their years, with a deep appreciation of things that would normally be dismissed or taken for granted by people of their age. Old souls are usually outcast and isolated, having a strong preference for solitude, a profound understanding of human nature and a mythical approach to life.


They are said to be souls that have experienced many incarnations and are now tying their ends to this plane of existence to learn the deeper meaning of human life. 


Old souls are relatively rare since about 10 percent of the human population has this gift. They are generally good people who yearn deeply for spiritual and physical growth to match their soul’s age. They are self-aware, honest, open-minded, and tend to shift their focus away from short-lived things to irreplaceable ones.


Old souls love differently. Since they are not interested in the frivolities that can be found on this plane of existence, they tend to have other goals, aspirations, and approaches to love and relationships.


Here’s what you should expect when dating an old soul:


They are deeply understanding: 

Dating an old soul is particularly refreshing, especially if you’re used to people who have are never understanding and are always eager to argue. Old souls are calm, great listeners who would always give you a chance to air your views and express your emotions. They would then offer their opinion without being hurtful or judgmental. They can usually foresee your reaction to their words, and while they are trying not to hurt you, they won’t sugarcoat the truth either. Old souls have a deep understanding of most things, no matter their age, and are always willing to come through for the ones they love. 

They are not materialistic:

If you think you’ll impress an old soul with money or gifts, think again. Also, old souls would never bother to flaunt money to make anyone love them. They won’t deceive their true nature to find fake love. They’d rather sing you a song or kiss you in the rain than buy you an expensive gift to win your love.


Communication is great:

Old souls are amazing at communication. They are usually able to gauge the other person’s feelings and calculate their own words and reactions. They listen deeply and you can trust them to always come through with the truth and honest advice. They are not gaslighters and are never abusive. Words are like a window to the mind of an old soul, listening with purity and dripping with honesty.


The long-haul is important:

An old soul would never go out with someone if they don’t see the possibility of a future with that person. They don’t lead people on or string along with relationships for the fun of it. If you’re not worth keeping, they won’t try at all. They may be young but their souls are just too old for games.


They are sensitive: 

Even though they are wizened and can deal with a lot of realities, old souls are still pretty sensitive and emotional. It’s best to watch what you say around them since they may attach a deeper meaning to your innocent words. Also, you have to be completely honest with them at all times. Old souls hate lies, even if they are told to protect them. They often feel that people would try to take advantage of their characteristic kindness and would flee the moment they sense manipulation or betrayal.


They are natural loners:

While dating an old soul, you have to understand that they are naturally inclined to seek isolation from others and would spend a great deal of time in their thoughts. This doesn’t mean they are lonely. Some persons just enjoy their own company a lot.

In relationships, they often try to break out of this shell and spend more time with their partner, especially if the person is good for their fragile souls. However, they would still crave their time alone now and then and it would be selfish not to consider their inherent needs.

They are shy:

Old souls are introverts and are usually shy. They don’t have a lot in common with people their age and have a hard time fitting in. They may pull out a standoffish defense mechanism to protect their pride, but in truth, they are just really shy. 

They prefer simple settings:

Old souls are not interested in relationships that follow a traditional course. They couldn’t care less about dinner in an expensive restaurant wearing a short black dress or a bow tie. They don’t mind if their first date is over a box of pizza and light wine, talking about each other’s childhood thrills. They don’t like complications, they don’t enjoy showing off and for them, simplicity is a charm.

They are intuitive:

Don’t think you can lie to an old soul and get away with it. They’ll see right through you and can always tell when something is wrong. If you’re upset or bothered by something, it’ll be easier to just come forth with it than trying to hide it because an old soul would immediately detect your mood shift.

They need regular reality checks:

Old souls are often disconnected from the rest of the world and would usually try to hang on by being too serious with their convictions. They may be wise but there are still things about human existence that deeply baffle them, and they would often try to hold on to ideas that make sense at the moment. They need partners who would pull them out of their mental cages and help them see things from a different angle. Reality checks are regular needs for old souls because they never know when their mind wanders too far.

While dating an old soul may not always be a smooth ride, they are amazing people with incredible qualities. Their attitude to life is like a refreshing jar of cold lemonade on a hot summer afternoon. They are totally worth it, so love them as they would love you. Deeply.

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