The Coolest Dragon Lizard Ever Caught Playing Leaf Guitar In Indonesia

Just a happy guy strumming away to tunes only he can hear. Nothing special going on.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but somehow, I’ve never quite found the motivation to start. After seeing this green guy doing his thing with no care in the world, I’ve finally found my inspiration. If a forest lizard can do it, then I can do it too.

In 2015, professional photographer Aditya Permana captured a hilarious image of a forest dragon lizard “feeling the tunes” in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. [1] The lizard was holding a leaf like a person playing a guitar, with his legs bowed up and his back arched in a relaxed position.

I did not directly photograph the lizard at first, until the lizards feel calm and comfortable around me,” Permana told Daily Mail. “I noticed it looked like it was playing a guitar — and it didn’t move at all.”


When the photo went viral, lots of people loved the relaxed strummer’s cool vibes. Many even said they were inspired to rekindle their guitar-playing dreams once again. However, some others were skeptical about the authenticity of the pose. They were convinced Permana had positioned the lizard and planted the leaf in his arms. 

Permana insists he never touched the lizard and had to wait one hour before he got the picture. He did not return the many requests from media outlets for further comments. 

“Lizards do not lay on their backs and sit up like the one shown in the photo,” said Adam D. Leache, an associate professor at the University of Washington, told Huff Post by email. [2]

Another controversial yet hilarious photo showed the lizard leaning forward on a branch with his fingers crossed. With the natural arrangement of lines on his face, the cool guy looked like someone who was listening intently to a very annoying speech. 

Indonesian forest dragons

The crowned forest dragon or Indonesian forest dragon, Lophosaurus dilophus, is a large, short-tailed arboreal lizard endemic to New Guinea and the Moluccan islands, Indonesia. [3] The lizards are present all over New Guinea, although they can be found anywhere on the lowlands with an elevation limit of 800 meters. 

They are found mostly in rainforests, especially sections with thick vegetation growth. Rocks, twigs, trees, grasslands, and moss cliffs are all easy terrain for the hard-scaled animals. They are a highly adaptable arboreal species that feed on rotting fruit, insects, flies, and other smaller prey.

The species is categorized as “Least Concern” on the IUCN’s red list. Although the rain forests in New Guinea and Indonesia are subject to relentless destruction by loggers and wood companies, forest lizards are highly adaptable and great at migration. The wild population may experience a decline in numbers, but due to their elusive nature and camouflage skills, it’s extremely difficult to estimate the losses.


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