The Right Person For You Will Not Be Bothered By Your Clinginess Or Meltdowns, And Will Never Hurt You

The Right Person For You Will Not Be Bothered By Your Clinginess Or Meltdowns, And Will Never Hurt You

The right one, your true love, your soulmate, your life partner… All of these titles can be used for the person you’re in a relationship with. But they have to earn them, and the only way to do that is by loving you unconditionally. You both may not be perfect individuals, but the point is that you’re meant to accept each other, flaws and all. 

That being said, the right person should accept you the way you are. It’s good if they want to help you unlock the best version of yourself, but there’s a fine line between doing that and attempting to forcefully change the very essence of your being. No one should be allowed to cross that line. 

Here are some pointers to help you recognize when the person you’re with is the right one for you.

The right one won’t be put off by your clinginess 

They’ll consider it as another reason to love you. They will be flattered that you want to spend that much time with them. They’ll want to spend every moment with you if it were possible. Every time they receive a text or phone call from you, they’ll find it endearing. And if they ever miss one of your phone calls, they will make it a priority to call back. They will make you feel like hearing your voice is the best way to start and end their day. They will never complain about you being ‘clingy.’ [1]

The right one won’t mind you overthinking everything

Being in a relationship with an over-thinker can be a lot of work, however, the right one will be willing to go the extra mile and put in the work just so they can be with you. They’ll understand that you need to analyze everything critically because you care. They’ll be compassionate, understand that overthinking doesn’t mean you’re crazy, and most importantly, they’re not going to try to ‘fix’ you. [2] 

The right one accepts your meltdowns

Everyone has those days when they freak out and see everything as overwhelming. You could go crazy or become very mad; nevertheless, the right one isn’t going to look at you like you’re a psycho. They’ll understand that this isn’t you. They’ll give you space if you need it and still stay close by to offer you a shoulder to lean on when you finally calm down. That is a sign of a keeper. [3]

The right one won’t notice your ‘ugly’ days

Everybody has those days when they just don’t feel good. Your skin might be acting up with a huge zit on your forehead, or your hair doesn’t want to work with you. No matter what’s going wrong, the right one will still see you as stunning. 

It won’t matter whether you’re wearing makeup or not; in their eyes, you are the most beautiful girl in the world and nothing can stop that. After all, your appearance will eventually change over the years, and at the end of the day, what matters is the bond you two form. If they cannot handle a bad hair day, then the relationship is probably not worth it in the long run. [4]

The right one won’t be disturbed by your imperfections

They’ll see those quirks as another cute side of you. They aren’t going to judge you simply because you do certain things in a seemingly weird manner. [5] 

The right one won’t mind if your opinions are different

No one who truly loves you should expect you to have the same views as them. When your opinion differs from theirs, they shouldn’t make you feel like yours is any less valid. You’re a human being with the capacity to reason, you should be able to think for yourself without fear of losing your loved one. [6]

The right one won’t judge you for your insecurities 

They won’t mind how often you need reassurances, and they’ll give it to you. They will calm your paranoia and hush your wildest insecurities. Heck, they won’t do anything to make you doubt their sincerity. [7]

The right one will be good at communicating with you

Every relationship has its ups and downs. However, the right one will be good at communicating their thoughts and feelings. They shouldn’t make you guess how they feel because that can lead to misunderstandings and fights. They will explain their reasoning using clear language so you can understand them perfectly. 

The right one will never hurt you 

One phrase used by people who hurt their partners is “love hurts.” No, love doesn’t hurt. It isn’t supposed to. The very term ‘love’ denotes a strong and constant feeling of affection for someone. You can’t feel affectionate for someone and still hurt them. You will go above and beyond to make sure they’re always happy, and the right one will do the same for you. [8]

Be the right one

On your part, you have to strive to be the right one for someone else. You can’t expect to get your right one and be the wrong one to them. No one is perfect; nevertheless, you and your soulmate will connect on such a level that those imperfections won’t matter anymore.  

Keep in mind that relationships take a lot of work, but at the end of the day, what matters is how much you love each other, your devotion to one another, as well as how much effort you’re willing to put into your connection.


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