Things Every ‘Over-Sensitive’ Girl Wishes You Understood About Her

Things Every ‘Over-Sensitive’ Girl Wishes You Understood About Her

Let’s just ignore the fact that the term “over-sensitive” is actually a bit offensive, an annoying way of blowing a person’s nature and emotional abilities out of proportion. It’s okay to feel and to embrace your feeling at all times, no matter how annoying other people may find it. Being sensitive is not a weakness but a sign of true strength. It takes a strong person to always stay in touch with their emotions no matter how upsetting they may be. Most people just prefer to run from their feelings and keep them at bay.

For a woman who is described as “oversensitive”, all she just wants is to be understood. She wants the people in her life – her lover, her family, her co-workers, and everyone else – to just accept that she is always going to be emotional, and it doesn’t mean she wants to be treated differently. She needs people to accept that her feelings always propel her actions and below are 8 of the most important things she wants everyone in her life to understand [1]:

She doesn’t like being told that she takes things personally

That’s the whole point of being a sensitive person. She’s going to take nearly everything to heart and it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s always offended. She’d often defend her views passionately and when she feels a slight in conversation or actions, no matter who it’s directed toward, she’s definitely going to be stoked. It doesn’t mean she’s taking things the wrong way or blowing it out of proportion. Just learn to appreciate the passion she feels when she talks or acts.

It’s not always easy to express all her feelings

You see her. You know her, and you know she’s a person who is deeply in touch with her feelings. The only problem is that most people only ever see just a few of those emotions because she spends a lot of time dealing with the rest on her own. Don’t ask her why she does this. She doesn’t know as well, but always try to engage her in gentle conversation and most importantly, listen to her. 

She is a believer

It makes it a lot easier to cope with the feelings she cannot always explain when she has something to believe in. She believes that everything happens for a reason, and when she feels overwhelmed by her emotions, she has something to fall back on despite not having all the answers.

She reacts very strongly to certain things

From smiling for hours when she sees a cute video to crying for days when she reads about the tragic death of someone she doesn’t even know, this special and unique woman is always going to show some pretty powerful emotions. You have to get used to it if you want to have a place in her life. When she laughs hysterically, laugh with her. When she cries over something you may think is too trivial, comfort her anyway. This is what she understands to be genuine love.

Her passion would occasionally blind her to logic 

She’s not perfect and you can’t expect her to be reasonable all the time. There’ll be days when she’ll defend her ideals so powerfully, despite knowing she’s not making much sense to anyone else. At that point, all that matters is speaking for what she believes in, and you have to let her.

She needs her time alone

She cares so much about other people that sometimes, it may become too distressing for her. She’d need a break from all that mental stress and when she asks for her time alone, she’s not trying to be distant or to push people away. She loves and appreciates the people around her but sometimes, her alone time is the only way to find peace.

She feels other people’s pain more than hers

She’ll never really be able to explain how this emotional imbalance works, but she’s a true empath. Her own problems don’t bother her as much other people’s do.  She can’t be neutral when someone else is sad or in pain. Pain is like a contagious infection for her and most times, she’d try to avoid situations that will upset her. She doesn’t just feel bad for others – she also tries to figure out what she can do to help make things better.

The little things matter to her

She doesn’t take those little gestures and considerations for granted. Something as little as genuinely asking how her day went or holding the door open for her can get her all mushy inside. She’s not being bratty, but it hurts her when people ignore her or prioritize other activities above her. She’s that woman that notices when someone is sad and tries to hide it behind a smile. She picks up on the tiniest changes in the energy around her, and of course, she’d always try to make things better.

She’s a true gem – fragile yet strong, emotional yet powerful, gentle yet brave, and all she wants is to be loved and understood for who she truly is. She doesn’t want to be with people who would try to get her to be different or less sensitive. She’s always going to feel, and if you want a place in her life, you better love her for it.