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This is Why You Always Wake Up Feeling Groggy and Tired (and How to Fix It Overnight)


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You’ve just enjoyed eight hours of what you believed to be a sound sleep, and yet you are still struggling to get out of bed. What gives? Sleep is supposed to energize you and have you feeling refreshed come the morning, and yet many of us still have to face the daily struggle of leaving our beds.

Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter how much sleep you get when its quality is lagging (quality over quantity, yes)! So even though you may be clocking in eight hours of bedtime, you still wake up groggy and exhausted.

Here are the common reasons why you find yourself waking up tired, and how you can fix them and boost your energy levels.

5 Reasons You Wake Up Tired (and How to Fix Them)


You Use Gadgets in Bed

Whether it’s an iPad, Kindle, or your smart phone, bringing technology to the bed can have you feeling tired the morning after. This is because these devices emit blue light that suppresses melatonin – the sleep hormone – and this can mess up your sleep/wake cycle. You may be thinking you are sleeping soundly when in fact you’re not.

The Solution: Stop using any blue light-emitting device up to 90 minutes prior to bed and keep technology out of the bedroom if possible.

You Sleep in the Wrong Position

If you’re waking up in pain you may be sleeping incorrectly, which not only causes pain but can have you feeling quite tired, too. The hip flexor is the most common injury target during sleep and nearly 57 percent of Americans experience this type of injury when sleeping.

The solution: Sleep with a pillow between the knees and legs in order to keep the hips properly aligned.

You Have a Bad Pillow


A large pillow that keeps your head propped up and bent is equivalent to walking for eight hours whilst your head is tilted down – painful. Sleeping with your spine out of alignment could be contributing to your daytime fatigue.

The Solution: Get a soft pillow with a firm core to ensure your spine stays aligned.

You Grind Your Teeth at Night

If you’re tired in the morning and wake up with a sore jaw or headache, these could be signs of nighttime teeth grinding.

The Solution: Speak to your dentist about getting a custom mouth guard or give yourself a massage around the jaw area prior to bed. It could also be a sign that you are stressed out and may need to explore some relaxation techniques.


You Drink Alcohol Prior to Bed

Although you may feel sleepy after consuming alcohol, this is a false sensation. In fact, boozing before bed can disrupt your REM sleep cycles, meaning you don’t get enough good quality deep sleep. Women are even more susceptible to these effects than men are.

The Solution: Cut out the late-night alcohol and opt for warm milk or herbal tea instead to soothe you to sleep, not keep you awake.


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