Traditional Chinese Medicine Face Map Reveals What Part of Your Body is Sick

Traditional Chinese Medicine Face Map Reveals What Part of Your Body is Sick

The achievements of modern medicine stop just shy of miraculous, but this doesn’t mean that traditional medicine was any less valid, from being able to stimulate certain parts of the body using just the legs to knowing what organs are sick using a face map.

From recognizing and eradicating malignant cells in the body to transplanting vital organs from donors to people who need them to survive, modern medicine has begun to achieve what most of our forefathers could only dream of. However, it is essential to know that people in past eras managed their healthcare before the invention of test tubes, DNA testing, and x-ray machines.

One common practice among Chinese healers for centuries was reading people’s faces in a practice referred to as face mapping to detect the diseases they may have and finding solutions for them. They believe the face reveals a lot about our health, and indicates the condition of our internal organs.

The traditional Chinese medicine believes that one’s facial skin gives insight about the health of their internal problems faster than other parts of the body. For instance, skin issues, like dry patches, redness, pimples, or acne, may be directly connected with some interruption to the normal functioning of your organs. [1]

What is Face Mapping?

Therefore, face mapping is a useful tool for diagnosing internal health problems and developing an effective prognosis for treatment. This ancient practice is a proven method for detecting health issues and has been celebrated as the most effective non-invasive method to identify and treat many common diseases.

This practice is based on the belief that the skin on the face is sensitive and therefore directly connected to specific internal organs in the body. This means that a professional face mapper can determine the health of your internal organs just by looking at your face. This includes health issues caused by external factors, like anxiety and stress to hormonal imbalances caused by harmful habits such as smoking.

Here is how the face is mapped:

1. Nose Blemishes: Problems with the Heart

People experiencing hypertension, flatulence, poor circulation, pollution, and bloating, may also have some form of nose problem. You can treat this by detoxifying the body, staying physically active, and drinking green tea regularly.

2. Forehead Spots and Sores: Problems with the Small Intestine and Bladder

This is often caused by an excessive intake of fatty foods, sugar, and alcohol. Forehead blemishes can also be caused by canned food products or foods laced with preservatives. Practitioners recommend eating a well-balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated.

3. Chin and Mouth Bruises and Spots: Problems with Hormones

Dehydration is the primary cause of hormonal imbalance, and it’s usually caused by consuming too much salt, caffeine, and spicy food. You can treat the imbalance by avoiding these types of food until the spots on your face go away.

4. Problems Between the Eyebrows: Problems with the Liver

If your stomach is overburdened, your liver may be hard-pressed to function correctly. Therefore, you should try to boost the digestive system by eating healthier and on time. Physical activities like walking, swimming, dancing, and even practicing yoga also helps improve digestion.

5. Imperfections on Eyebrow Arch: Problems with the Kidneys

An excessive intake of alcohol, weakened heart muscles, smoking, and poor blood circulation are common causes of problems on your eyebrow arch. If you notice these symptoms, you should try drinking plenty of water and avoiding the above culprits.

6. Neck and Jaw Rashes: Problems with the Stomach

Stomach problems can be caused by a lot of things, including stress, not getting enough sleep, and eating too many spicy foods. You can resolve these problems by sticking to a healthy lifestyle, eating more healthy foods, and avoiding stressful situations.

7. Pimples and Scars on Cheeks: Problem with the Kidneys and Lungs

This is often caused by stress, smoking, excessive sugar intake, and an unhealthy diet. It is essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet and keep the body hydrated.

8. Blemishes on Lower Cheeks: Problems with the Lungs

Most lung problems are caused by smoking and air pollution. If you notice spots and skin reactions on your lower cheeks, you should try to quit smoking or at least smoke less. If you do not smoke, avoid places where others smoke a lot and spend time in less polluted areas. [2]

Your face is how you present yourself to the world, and it’s a reflection of your inner health. It is important to watch out for signs of a break out since their location could be an essential clue to an underlying condition.


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