You Can Buy an Inflatable Pool That’s Made to Fit Perfectly in Truck Beds

You Can Buy an Inflatable Pool That’s Made to Fit Perfectly in Truck Beds

For the first time, I wish I owned a pickup truck. Why can’t they find a way to make this work for sedans?

This summer is going to be a little different from all the others in recent times. Many places and public pools are still closed due to coronavirus restrictions, so people are coming up with ways to have fun at home and on the go. It’s summer, after all, and despite the saddening state of the world right now, life has to go on. 

If you own a pickup truck, it’s your time to shine because Walmart is selling a Summer Waves Inflatable Truck Bed Pool that’s fits snugly into the back of your truck. [1] Now you’ll see that truck bed isn’t just good for transporting goods and taking up too much space in the garage. You can actually have some real fun inside it, and what’s better than sitting chill in the water with your family on a hot day? That’s right. Not much. When temperatures begin to soar past 80 degrees and even the air conditioning isn’t hitting it quite right, cold water is the best way to cool off and relax.

This pool measures about 5.5 by 5.2 by 1.75 feet so it fits almost like a square in the back of your truck. It has two air chambers and all its takes to set it up is to inflate it, fill it with water, and your pool is ready. Even if you don’t have a pool dug out in your back yard or a stock tank, this pool is perfect and it’s quite safe for kids. It can fit up to four adults comfortably at once, or two adults and three kids.

A ‘trucking’ good summer

This truck pool is a great idea for campers who might want to take a dip in the outdoors. If there’s no clean water source where you’re going, you could take gallons with you and fill your pool when you need some aqua-inspired fun.

The product description reads:  “Take a splash on the go with the Truck Bed Pool. Put the pool on the bed of your pickup truck, inflate the rings, fill the pool with water, and you can have a mobile pool wherever your truck goes. Take this pool and bring it wherever you like today!

The inflatable pool initially sold for $44.88. However, the price has shot up quite a lot this year, now going for $119.99 but according to customers who have made verified purchases, it’s worth the bucks.

 One customer wrote: “It has large air nozzles, so it inflates super-fast. The liner material is really thick, reinforced… The thing made my truck much more fun!”

Another wrote: “Best $$ I’ve spent! HOA has our pool shut down for Corona….need some sun!”

People on Twitter are not playing around: 


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