Viral Video of an Octopus Attacking a Girl Who Tried To Eat It Alive On YouTube

Viral Video of an Octopus Attacking a Girl Who Tried To Eat It Alive On YouTube

YouTube is one of the most competitive content platforms in the world right now. With over 50 million content creators across different genres, there’s rarely anything you cannot find on YouTube. Everyone goes the extra mile to put out never-seen-before content to boost their channel’s popularity, and while thousands of these creators are inspiring and amazing to watch, many others get the whole idea wrong. We are still trying to get over the harsh realities of the Blue Whale and Momo challenges where people ended up taking their own lives. This one had better just be a one-time dumb act. 

Imagine scrolling through your YouTube or Google feed on a brilliant morning, only to behold the unbelievable sight of a girl whose face is being sucked in by an angry octopus. [1] Even more shocking, when she finally broke free, she was excited that she finally had some ground-breaking content to upload. All the pain she’d just gone through was worth it. Wow. The things we do for fame.

The vlogger from Jiangsu city of Lianyungang, China, popularly known as ‘Seaside Girl Little Seven’ decided to come up with her own challenge to start a hot trend, and her big break was the “Eat-A-Live-Octopus Challenge.” Of course, she had to go first, and that backfired all too quickly. Karma sometimes doesn’t waste any time.

Octopus with a vendetta

During the 50-second live-streamed video, we see a vengeful eight-armed cephalopod (who has at least 238 suckers one each arm) attaching itself powerfully onto her upper lip, eyelid, and straight across her left cheek. The video was shared by the South China Morning Post on YouTube. Apparently, the girl had somehow attempted to eat a living, breathing, and moving octopus to entertain her viewers, and her plans flopped before she could even start. She was in a lot of pain but she’d obviously been prepared for the worst, as she could be heard saying to her viewers in Chinese, “Look how hard it’s sucking.”

When she realized the animal was bent on teaching her a lesson, she got really scared and began to cry. She could be heard saying, “painful” and “I can’t remove it” as she cried and pulled as hard as she could. However, the mighty tentacles stuck firmly to her face.

Finally, luck shined on her (and on everyone else who watched that) when she was finally able to remove each sucker from her face. The animal had left a few small bloody wounds where it had attached itself onto her cheek.

 You would expect that someone who went through such a horrifying ordeal would never think of doing something like that again. Well, the determined vlogger said to viewers, “I’ll eat it in the next video” while still turning the octopus around with her hands. 

Her only regret was that the bloody wounds on her face as she said: “As you can see. My face is disfigured.

Of course, people online were annoyed by her terrible intentions to eat a live octopus. The vlogger is said to be a lover of seafood who was upset that none of her videos ever hit trending charts. Well, she got what she wanted with this one.

In a later video, she could be seen putting the innocent octopus into hot oil as the animal cringed in pure pain and eventually broke apart. This further drew massive condemnation from viewers online as many people believed she was enjoying torturing the innocent animal. 

One comment read: “This is disgusting. That poor octopus. And she is squealing like a pig over a little cut while the octopus is experiencing death in the worst way possible.

Another commenter wrote: “This is Karma… now you can realize that how poor animals feel when you eat them alive.”

Octopuses are extremely strong animals that should just be left to live happily in the water where they belong. All eight arms (tentacles) are purely made of muscle, and while not having bones and joints can seem like a disadvantage, it’s a huge plus on their side. Some species have been observed lifting weights that are over 40 times their own body size. While they generally go after smaller prey, some larger species have been seen breaking the spines of powerful sharks. 

Octopuses are also very smart creatures and have been extensively used to study the evolution of animal intelligence. They are often more highly adaptable than many aquatic other animals in new environments, quickly coming up with solutions to find food, defense mechanisms, or serving a hot plate of revenge to anyone who tries to eat them alive. 

Let’s hope this video will be a lesson to people who constantly come up with dangerous challenges to impress people online. Seriously, nothing is worth your life and safety.


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