What Do the Shape of Your Hands Reveal About Your Personality?

What Do the Shape of Your Hands Reveal About Your Personality?

The shape and characteristics of your hands say a lot about your personality and the kind of person that you are. Without having to speak, people can generally get a grasp of who you are based on the look of your hands. Find out what your hands say about you.

Earth Hand

This hand has thick fingers and a wide palm. Your palm signifies that you are open-minded, humble, and honest. These are three traits that you practice in your life and in turn, you value people who display them as well. When difficult tasks come in your way, you’re optimistic about solving them and you are not afraid to ask for help when you need it. As for your fingers, they have a natural position of being slightly more spread out which means that before you jump into any situation, you practice cautiousness and you assess things thoroughly before you make a move. In other words, you are not a daredevil kind of person. You take calculated risks and that proves as a benefit to you whenever great opportunities come your way. With that, it’s also important to strike a balance and be a little bit more carefree and spontaneous. You should aim to try new things and be more bold with your decisions without having to think critically about it.

Fire Hand

The skinny shape of this hand says that you are an outgoing person and you enjoy conversing with people from all walks of life. You aren’t afraid of awkward situations and what matters to you is making people feel happy when they talk to you. Your long fingers mean that you will live not only a long life but a prosperous one. That is not to say life will be easy and smooth-sailing for you but expect to have a lot of good things happening for you. There will times when you will struggle but when you overcome them, your good karma will come back in double folds. When that happens, you need to find a way to extend help to others who are experiencing the same difficulties you went through and see you how your actions and good karma can be passed on to them.

Water Hand

A wide palm with fingers spreading out indicate that you are courageous, bold, and adventurous. When you think of something you want to accomplish, you go for it full force regardless of the hurdles that come your way. When it comes to your friends and loved ones, you are reliable to them. Not only can they count on your support with their endeavors but when you are invited to go a trip or an event, it is almost always guaranteed that you will be present. Aside from these strong qualities, you’re also the type of person that cares deeply about the people you love and you will go to great lengths to make them happy. With your type of traits, encourage others around you to do the same and stay genuine about your good works because it will come back to you when you need it most.

Wood Hand

If you have this hand, you’re a hardworking person. You place value on this trait and it is something you practice in every aspect of your life. Miniscule tasks to you are still very significant and you always put your best efforts to get the best results even if no one else sees the amount of work you invested. In addition, you enjoy stimulating your brain with tasks that require a lot of thinking because you like to learn new things. As for your main hobby, you love to travel. You draw inspiration from exploring different countries and immersing yourself in different cultures. Whether you’re on your own or with others, your planning skills are top notch and your trip is always guaranteed to be a fun one. Use this to your advantage and plan more exciting adventures with your loved ones and let them know that they can always rely on you.

Metal Hand

A person with this type of hand is strong and talented. Your wide palms span the variety of skills you possess. When people think of a person that can do just about anything, they think of you. You can fix anything in the house, you’re athletic, you’re great at gardening, and many more skills. This is your greatest asset because you can do a lot of things that many people can’t. In addition to that, you’re adaptable. When you’re put into any situation, you have the ability to make yourself comfortable and then it becomes easy for you to see what you can do to help and how you can be of assistance when that happens. Continue to hone this skill because it will come in handy in when it comes to switching careers and in the dynamics of your family.

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Now that you know what you hand says about your personality, it’s time to match up with your friends or significant other to see if your hands are compatible. Are your hands’ opposites in the sense that one of you is water and the other is fire? Or maybe you both have the same personality and your hands prove it. Share with us your discoveries.