Women Should Go Out With Friends Twice A Week For Better Health

Women Should Go Out With Friends Twice A Week For Better Health

Call that girl squad and paint the town pink. It’s good for all of you.

Sometimes, all a woman needs to thrive in a world full of responsibilities, engagements, clingy children, spousal needs, unending projects at work, and career exams are the regular evenings of undiluted estrogen showers. Researchers are saying that women need to get together at least twice a week for better all-round wellness. [1] Even without science coming through on that point, we all know it’s truly important. 

Genuine and loving girlfriend tribes are beautiful circles that make life a whole lot easier. Imagine having a solid group of people to laugh with, cry to, yell with, scream over weird stories, count drinks, nag about weight loss, drool about your love lives, dance and merry because life shouldn’t be so uptight all the time.

Girl tribes are life and science couldn’t agree more.

According to a recent study conducted by renowned evolutionary psychologist and investigator, Dr. Robin Dunbar and his team, people who have genuine social networks filled with people they love are less likely to suffer illnesses. [2] Dunbar’s entire research is targeted at investigating the “behavioral, cognitive, and neuroendocrinological mechanisms that underpin social bonding in primates (in general) and humans (in particular).” This study, however, was one of many experiments aimed at observing how social interactions affect human wellness.

They also discovered that people who hang out regularly with friends would often recover faster from illness, have stronger immune systems, and be less likely to deal with anxiety and depression.

The figure of twice a week comes from findings that this is the amount of time that you typically spend with your closest friends/family,” Dr. Robin Dunbar told The Huffington Post.For both sexes (no surprise) having a large, well-integrated social network has a significant impact on both physical and emotional health. People with larger and/or more integrated networks suffer less illness, recover quicker from surgery, are less likely to die — and even their children are less likely to die.”

Female banter amid high-pitched laughter is the best medicine

The study above isn’t the only one encouraging women to get together and have regular fun. An older survey conducted by researchers at UCLA reported that women have a pretty direct mechanism for dealing with stress and elevated anxiety levels. [3] They use the “tend” and “befriend” scopes, either one or both. “Tend” involves nursing or looking after their young to get their minds off stressful thoughts, and “befriend” involves seeking out social connections and interactions to get their happy hormones flowing.

These two activities contribute heavily to the secretion of the happy hormone oxytocin, the so-called love hormone that women secrete when bonding with their babies or interacting with their sexual partners. Oxytocin also comes in heavy bursts when you’re laughing happily with your girls and having estrogen-fuelled fun. People with very high levels of oxytocin are often very happy, more relaxed, and would seem to be in a constant state of euphoria.

“Oxytocin has been studied largely for its role in childbirth, but it is also secreted in both men and women as a response to stress,” UCLA principal investigator Shelley E. Taylor said.

Strength in solidity

…But not in numbers. Not every woman has a large girl tribe and many of us are simply unable to thrive in such rambunctious groups. For introverts especially, outgoing interactions are usually difficult and some women may feel destined to brave through life’s hassles all alone.

However, there’s someone out there for everyone. If you’ve only got one solid friend that gets you, sticks to you, understands and supports you unconditionally, Sister, you got yourself the strength of a pack. 

If you can’t meet up with your friend(s) physically, at least try to talk on the phone or Facetime/Skype twice a week. 

For others, getting together so often may be too difficult. Everyone’s got her own life to live and some schedules are a lot tighter than others. Between wailing babies and exhausting jobs, girls can’t always meet up to blow things up as much as they’d like.

However, whatever works for every lady should be encouraged. Once a week, twice a month, a girl’s trip to an exotic location once a year — as long as you’re taking a break from your regular routines to really relax, have fun, and unwind, you’d be talking a lot of strain off your overall wellbeing. Go dancing, hiking, swimming, watch movies, indulge in cocktails (as long as someone stays sober or you call a car), talk for 8 hours over the phone, share recipes, iron out your love lives, turn up at the spa, play some adult games, and simply have fun with no worries. 

Cheers to those everlasting girl gangs!


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