You Can Now Buy A House on Amazon for Less Than $20,000, With Free Shipping

You Can Now Buy A House on Amazon for Less Than $20,000, With Free Shipping

Retail websites are all about simplifying the process of buying and transporting goods from the manufacturers to those who need them. E-commerce conglomerate Amazon has taken this feature a few steps forward by offering a full home for less than $20,000.

Are you a prospective homeowner looking for something on the smaller side? Well, you could be buying your next home from the retail giant Amazon, which has begun offering tiny homes in their house and household category for as little as $6,000 and as much as $20,000 along with free shipping.

Amazon is a leading e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technology company domiciled in Washington, USA. It is one of the Big Four technology companies alongside Apple, Facebook, and Google, and grew to surpass Microsoft as the most valuable public company in the world back in January.[1]

With just a few clicks, you can purchase just about anything you need to make your house a home, from kitchen accessories and furniture to decorations and couch throw pillows. This has quickly made the Amazon signature brown box a regular sight on most streets every morning.

However, the latest offering from the retail giant may be too big for a teeny bitsy brown box to handle as Amazon is now helping residential builders who dream of building their own home and don’t mind having a tiny footprint or doing a bit of manual labor, with prefabricated modular homes.

Prefabricated Modular Homes

Unlike your regular brick and mortar houses, prefabricated modular homes are specially manufactured in advance, usually off-site and delivered in several standard sections that can be easily shipped and reassembled. This type of dwelling is known for its affordability, energy efficiency, and speedy construction.[2]

Prefabricated homes have become a valid option for those looking to create a spacious, quality home that fits both their personal style and finances. It is no surprise that Amazon has decided to simplify the process by getting a prefabricated modular home delivered right to your doorstep, albeit a tiny one.

Tiny homes have been growing in popularity in the last couple of years as a result of the rising costs of living and the increased popularity of minimalism. Tiny homes simplify the process of owning your own property. The 2018 International Residential Code defines a tiny house as a residential structure under 400 sq.[3]

Amazon’s Take on Prefabricated Modular Homes

As proof of their ingenuity, Amazon has stepped in to make tiny homes more accessible and consumer-friendly. The e-commerce website currently has over two dozen tiny home and DIY tiny home kits, ranging from premium level loft-bedroom houses at $20,000 to 113-foot cabins, which go for as low as $5,350. Although the tiny homes aren’t available for Prime shipping, most offer buyer free shipping.

For example, you can buy the build-it-yourself 292-square-foot “Lillevilla Getaway Cabin Kit with a Loft” for $18,800. According to the listing, the all-wood “getaway cabin kit is large enough to function as a summer house, home office, or even a stand-alone retail building.”

This tiny home is designed and crafted by the United Kingdom-based company, Lillevilla. The wood production e-retailer guarantees customers that the home can be built by two people in as little as two days. However, the all-wood home is advertised as a cabin and not a full-fledged residence, as it only comes with few features and bare materials.

The 292-square-foot home features a downstairs with three rooms and an upstairs loft for sleeping that’s not included in the square footage. If you want running water, you’ll have to buy and install your plumbing, toilet, shower, and kitchen sink yourself. The company also recommends adding extra insulation in colder weather.[4]

Lillevilla is not the only company taking advantage of Amazon to sell prefabricated modular homes; popular wood production e-retailer Allwood Arlanda lists a 273-square-foot garden house kit for $10,695.

Ensure You Know What You’re Paying For

However, buyers have to be careful when purchasing tiny homes from Amazon as they may differ from their expectations. Ensure you check the details of each house before buying to make sure you will not be charged any “additional” expenses. In some cases, the advertised price may be a marketing gimmick.

This means that if you plan on making any additions to the basic design or try to “personalize” your Amazon tiny home, the price may exceed what you originally expected. Be careful as the costs of installing home features such as fireplaces, wall padding, plumbing, electricity, and ceiling molds can accumulate quickly.[2]

However, this is no different than if you are buying a traditionally built home. But at least you get to have your home delivered in a brown Amazon box. How many people can claim that?


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