You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Knows Your Worth

You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Knows Your Worth

Too often, we humans are fed with the age-long narrative that we don’t deserve anything good without fighting or suffering tremendously for it. We are taught to believe that we must make irreversibly painful sacrifices to find true love, but in reality, there’s no pattern to these things. We must re-evaluate our mindsets about love and teach ourselves to accept that we deserve the good things of life, and without endless pain too. You deserve love, companionships, trust, and tenderness. Truly, you deserve it ALL.

You deserve to be with someone who knows your worth and loves you for it. It’s unfair to be in a relationship or marriage with someone who makes you downplay your esteem and value to suit their personality. You deserve a person who appreciates you just the way you are and is only concerned with seeing you rise higher. It’s a blessing to be with someone that complements us and makes us feel complete, not a person whom we have to shed a lot of our worth and personality to fit in with. 

You deserve to be with someone that’s always excited to see you every day. Someone who wakes up and their first thoughts are of you, of how lucky they are to have such an amazing person in their life. You both may fight and quarrel occasionally, but a good relationship is not one where you don’t fight. It’s one where you are both eager to resolve things immediately after a quarrel. You won’t have a minute of joy until you’re both in each other’s arms, making up for the moments spent embracing negative thoughts.

True love gives everything a meaning, a purpose, and that’s exactly what you deserve.

No matter what you’ve been through, keep an open mind about love

The past does not determine the future. You can take helpful lessons, but the patterns do not have to repeat themselves. Despite what you’ve been through or how much you’ve been hurt by people who do not deserve you, true love can still come your way. There’s someone out there for everyone, someone who suits you to a fault and makes you feel wanted. A person who’d be immensely proud of who you are and everything you embody, not one who would try to mold you into a smaller shell so they can thrive in your space. You are more, never less, and someone who appreciates you will be there.

You deserve someone who trusts you completely and never gives a reason to doubt them as well. You both are never insecure with each other and no matter what may be said or done, you know this person too well to know that they’ll never hurt you intentionally. 

The right person will come for you soon, and they’ll be someone who embodies the most important qualities. They are honest, loyal, decent, kind, and understanding. They make you feel safe and boost your confidence. They give you a reason to smile when no one is speaking, a reason to laugh out loud when you are alone. It’s not all fairytales. This kind of love is possible, despite how humanity has desperately tried to paint a different narrative. 

No one is perfect, but there’s someone out there who will be perfect for you

You deserve to be with someone who believes in those little things that make you smile. A cute note here and there, a sweet text every day, surprise lunches on your busiest days, and those warm massages when your bones are aching. You deserve someone who doesn’t try to discourage you from pursuing big dreams but would offer to help and support you with their own resources.

That patient person is coming soon. The one who doesn’t “tolerate you” but accepts all your different moods and tantrums wholeheartedly. They don’t think of you as needy or clingy but will always find your need to be hugged and pampered a cute thing.

For better, for worse, through thick and thin, you will find someone who will eagerly brave through the storms of life with you and make you smile while doing it. Life doesn’t have to be so difficult, and a time will come when the one whose heart was made for yours will come your way.

You deserve to be happy forever.

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