“You swine!” Nudist Chases Boars through Park After They Steal His Laptop

“You swine!” Nudist Chases Boars through Park After They Steal His Laptop

When there is nothing left to hide, there is everything left to see.

An unnamed German nudist was filmed while running through a busy Park in Berlin completely unclad as he chased a family of wild boars. [1] The mother boar and her two piglets had stolen a plastic bag containing his laptop, and despite not wearing a lick of fabric anywhere on his body, the man wasn’t willing to let his property go.

Although there were many nude sunbathers at Teufelssee soaking up the warmth that day, the sight of “one of their own” running through the park while chasing determined boars is a picture that will stick around for many years.

The shot was captured by Adele Landauer, an actor and life coach who later sought the man’s permission before posting the pictures online. 

“Nature strikes back!” she captioned the hilarious photos on Facebook. “He gave it his all. I then showed the photos to the man, he laughed soundly and authorized me to make them public.

Apparently, the man gave his fellow sunbathers something to truly enjoy on a sunny day and he didn’t even care. When he finally retrieved his times from the wild animals, everyone applauded him happily as he walked back to his spot, totally nude, and of course, unbothered.

The boars had it out for him that day

Adele explained later on her Instagram page how the funny incident transpired. The hungry boar and her babies had emerged from the forest in search of food. A lot of the sunbathers were scared of the wild animals, but since they seemed peaceful, people let them be.

However, they selected one man from the crowd and decided to torment his happy life out in the sun.

“After they ate a pizza from a backpack of a man who was taking a swim in the lake they were looking for a dessert,” Adele wrote. “They found this yellow bag and decided to take it away. But the man who owned it realized it was the bag with his laptop. So, he was very focused and run behind the boars in order to get it back.”

She added: “Every one of us adored him how focused he stayed and when he came back with his yellow bag in the hand we all clapped and congratulated him for his success. This happens when you’re focused on your goals.”

Adele also shared the post as a way to promote Germany’s free body culture (Freikörperkultur, FKK for short) to the world.

She wrote: “In Berlin, we are free people – we love to bathe in the sun and lake like we are born. So, there were many people laying on their towels completely naked.”

To fulfill your high school naked dream as an adult, take a trip to lovely old Germany

Due to the FKK culture in Germany, you’ll find many nude beaches scattered across the country where you can strip down to your “birthday suit” and it wouldn’t be weird because everyone is doing it. Nude beaches can be found in many places around the world, but Germany takes the championship any day. Die Freikörperkultur is an age-long culture that promotes nudity as a non-shameful necessity in some locations, such as saunas and beaches. While it doesn’t apply everywhere, there are beaches in Germany where you cannot step into without stripping down entirely. The Germans believe nudity in this scenario has nothing to do with sexuality.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to walk around the entire country naked. Some places have strict rules barring nudity and if someone files a complaint against you, you will certainly get in trouble.

An example is this guy who thought he could ride his moped butt-naked. [2] He got pulled over by the Brandenburg Police officers for not “considering his safety first”. The police officers later clarified that he had not broken any laws in the Twitter comment section. It is not illegal to walk around naked as long as no one files any complaint.

Translation: “Because we are #speechless 😅: How would you title this picture? As a little inspiration – a # quote from the gentleman: ‘It’s just warm, eh?’ And now you!”

Is Germany a real cruise or what?


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