Stacy Robertson
Stacy Robertson
August 31, 2023 ·  2 min read

25 Witty People With a Well-Developed Sense Of Humor Which We Can’t Get Enough Of

There’s nothing quite like turning a sad day around with some puns and funny jokes. While not everyone has the knack for coming up with hilarious memes and stories, almost everyone has the sense of humor to find them very funny. After all, they say laughter is food for the soul, so sit back and laugh out loud to these hilarious pictures of people with an incredible sense of humor. 

1.Perfect, at least we don’t need to call 911 when you see your balance and have a heart attack.

2. Oh wow, this is pretty accurate.

3. Spiders truly are the worst, and this guy sure dealt with the little bugger.

4. Talk about shade! Not sure the writers of Game of Thrones would find this as funny as the rest of us.

5. To be fair, they do look like unicorns-ish.

6. Truly, cats are underestimated. Plus, that cat in the photo should be called Shady McCrazy eyes.

7. Dad joke? More like “dad tries to be funny but ends up ruining root beet for us.”

8. No, Steven. Your action figures weren’t fighting; you ruined your car glass; get it fixed…just kidding! That is a brilliant idea.

9. Most puns make you roll your eyes and sometimes cringe, but this one was just positively charged.

10. Oh Joshua, SOTP has a completely different meaning. Did you do this intentionally? Joshua, did you?!

11. This looks more like a mythological creature than an actual sign.

12. Well now, no one’s gonna want to live there.

13. No kidding, Sherlock

14. Eating waffles? That’s the best kind of sunbathers to encounter. 

15. Imagine telling someone you’re at the intersection of *clears throat awkwardly*

16. Why not the ice-cream shop? Oh well, it is pretty fitting.

17. Everyone should take their husbands here.

18. The most important question here is “who is the busy body?” Probably a Karen…#justsaying 

19. Signed: Dear Mr. Deer…for the community

20. Not unless it’s deep fried

21. In no particular order right?

22. Moo-ve out of the way, you moo-ron.

23. Maybe car headlamps should be modified to take screenshots now

24. Yeah, I’m sure the serial killer chasing after you would be gracious enough to wait till you get there and make that phone call before killing you. 

25. One can only imagine what sign they have on their morgue door. 

Hope you got a few good laughs out of these. It’s refreshing to see people putting up these witty signs on the road. Goes to show that the journey is just as important as the destination. So, take a road trip and keep an eye out for these funny signs — but also keep your eyes on the road.