5 Signs an Angel Is Visiting You

5 Signs an Angel Is Visiting You

For many people, the mere thought of an angel being around brings them massive joy and comfort, a feeling of safety and solace second to none. As a growing child, I was often terrified of sleeping alone in the dark. The only thing that ever brought me comfort was saying the short rhyme prayer to one’s guardian angel. 

Angel of God, my guardian Dear

To whom God’s love entrusts me here

Ever this night, be at my side

To light and guard, to rule and guide

I always believed this prayer would make my heavenly guardian sit on my bed and protect me, even though I couldn’t see him. No matter the squeaky sounds and creepy wind gusts I heard at night, I wouldn’t rustle or fret any further once I said my special prayer. My angel was there and NOTHING could harm me.

Contrary to general belief, the concept of angels, celestial intermediaries between God and humanity, is not limited to Christianity only. Angels are a strong part of various religions and mythologies with different representations in each one. 

Christians believe in the image of angels as majestic winged beings often cloaked in white and golden halos. The Archangels are angels of high rank and God’s most personal servants, each performing a specific duty with a particular signature. 

The word angel originates from the Greek word Angelos, which means “messenger.” The angels in Greek mythology are not so different from the gods, although they were mostly messenger deities who came to the world to serve different purposes. They are also winged but are often portrayed as majestic beings cloaked in jewelry and loincloths.

In Judaism, angels are supernatural agents of God, appearing throughout the Tanakh, several rabbinic teachings, and the entire Jewish liturgy. 

Angels serve as protectors and guides for humans and messengers for supreme beings. Their presence indicates an activation of the supernatural, true symbols of faith, devotion, hope, trust, and love. Although you may not see them physically, you can dream about them or feel their presence through subtle signs in your immediate surroundings. Below are 5 common signs that an angel is visiting you: [1]

A white feather 

Angels have white wings with white feathers, and when a lone white feather floats around from nowhere, it is believed that an angel is passing you a subtle sign of their presence. According to afterlife expert Jacky Newcomb in her book Do You Know Your Guardian Angel?: “A feather is a safe and gentle way for your angels to show you they are with you. This is one of the most common of all the angel signs.”

A white feather may sway in your face in the most unlikely location and it would often arrive in times of despair and sadness. When you are scared, alone, and uncertain of the next step, your guardian angel may send you a feather to let you know that you are never on your own.

Melodious music

Music is thought to be the universal language of angels. Christians believe in the Angelic Choirs constantly praising God every hour of every day with tunes so melodious they are said to powerfully stun any human who hears them. Angels may alert you of their presence by guiding your path onto beautiful, refreshing music, tunes that would have you closing your eyes and swaying in harmony to the notes.

The cardinal bird

As the old saying goes, “Cardinals appear when angels are near.”

Cardinals are passerine birds found in North and South America, and while they are not particularly rare, their appearance can mean several positive things to many people. It’s been an angel-long belief that when a cardinal appears on your window or in your yard, an angel is nearby. These lovely little birds are also symbols of celebration, hope, rejuvenation, health, and joy. 

A butterfly, especially a white one

Normally, the sight of a butterfly would usually bring anyone joy and happiness. Spiritually, these large-winged insects represent rebirth, transformation, renewal, divinity, vibrant joy, and an eagerness to experience the beauty of life. Angels are believed to choose butterflies as their vessels of communication since these insects have a way of capturing attention. They could also mean that a recently deceased loved one is trying to send you a message.


Science has continuously debunked claims of “angels in the clouds,” explaining them to be the same condensation of water vapor that causes all clouds to form – the angel shape is just a coincidence. They are also said to be mere figments of our imagination, but how do you explain it when everyone there can see it? Well, angels are subject to faith and if you believe a cloud truly looks like an angel, then hold onto it. 

Some people believe that when a cloud in the shape of a human with wings appears in the sky, an angel might be nearby. They may also announce their presence in the skies with other pleasing shapes such as hearts, stars, or symbols that mean something special to you.

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