Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
July 23, 2023 ·  4 min read

A man is devoting his life to adopting old animals that would have been put down

It’s like something out of a feel-good movie, but for Steve Greig, adopting dozens of senior animals from rescue shelters and farms is a feel-good reality!

The Colorado resident has dedicated his life to filling his home (and his HUGE heart) with animals that might otherwise miss out on being adopted, or have to be put down, due to their old age. Most people, when seeking a pet pal, will look for puppies or younger dogs meaning shelters’ senior residents miss out time and again.

He now shares his home with ten rescue dogs, two chickens, two ducks, two pigeons, a couple of cats, a rabbit, a pond full of koi carp, and a fabulous pot-bellied pig called Bikini. Phew!

How it All Started

When Greig’s beloved miniature Pinscher named Wolfgang passed away, he felt a deep pain and sadness that every pet owner, unfortunately, knows all too well.  After weeks of not feeling great, he knew how to help Wolfgang’s legacy live on and decided to make a difference in another dog’s life –  giving it a chance to live in a forever home.

Eeyore Finds A New Home

My beloved Wolfgang died this month. So that something good could come out of it I adopted this 12 year old boy with bad knees and a heart murmur, but what a sweetheart he is. #chihuahua #rescuedogs #olddogs

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He visited the shelter and after walking up and down the aisles, looking into the eyes of dozens of dogs, Eeyore the 12-year old Chihuahua with bad knees and a heart murmur trotted into his life. He had found the least adoptable dog in the shelter, and knew he was the perfect one!

From there, whenever he found another dog that seemed unadoptable, he took it in, growing his family at a steady pace. “Taking in these guys and giving them the opportunity to live has felt like a nice way to honor Wolfgang’s memory,” he explained.

It’s Not Just Dogs in the Family!

All is forgiven. One bowl of cheerios and Bikini no longer holds me in contempt for not bringing her on vacation. #thebikinitreaty

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He also started to adopt farm animals to join the brood gathering chickens, ducks, and a miniature pot-bellied pig who it seemed was fated to be with him, “The owner told me she was already housebroken… and [had] lived with dogs” says Greig who had set out to get a chicken, and ended up with Bikini the pig.

The Whole Gang Together

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Greig has dedicated his life to looking after all of these beautiful animals, waking up every day at 5 am to prepare their meals, and checking in on them during his lunch break. Many of the dogs have allergies or conditions that require specially prepared meals, some he has to administer daily medication to, and a keeping a house with ten dogs in order is no mean feat!

Senior Dogs are Calmer and Wiser…

When I was a kid I used to tell my mom, “When I grow up, there’s going to be dogs everywhere you look in my house.” Of course I also used to tell her I was going to live at Disneyland and marry Farrah Fawcett so I don’t think she thought too much about it. #akidcandream

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When questioned on what it’s like to have so many animals in one place Grieg explained, “These dogs know who they are.” As seniors, they all have unique personalities, which surprisingly means they all get along with one another well. He also explains that visitors to his house can barely tell the dogs are there as they’re so quiet, but if he had ten hyperactive puppies, they would be way too much work!

Greig hopes that he will inspire others to adopt shelter animals and give a loving home and a second chance to some of the fantastic characters you can find there. His incredibly popular Instagram account shows just how much fun you can have with senior dogs, and how even they have so much love to give if only they can find their forever home!

Check out some more cute family photos from Steve Greig in this lovely video. Warning: your heart might melt!