Adorable Calf Born On Valentine’s Day With Perfect Heart-Shaped Patch On Its Head

Adorable Calf Born On Valentine’s Day With Perfect Heart-Shaped Patch On Its Head

Valentine, as a festival, has been around for a very long time. This amazing day was named after Saint Valentine, a catholic priest who was beheaded by Claudius II for marrying soldiers and their spouses in secret ceremonies. At the time, Claudius, who was a pagan, created strict laws to ensure that soldiers were wholly devoted to Rome. One such law was preventing soldiers from getting married. But Valentine, who believed in the importance of love, married the soldiers in secret. [1]

Eventually, he was found out and thrown in prison. There he fell in love with his jailor’s blind daughter. Before he was executed, Valentine wrote a letter to his beloved and signed ‘From your Valentine.’ He was killed on the 14th of February, 270.

Over 200 years after the death of Valentine, the pope of Rome, which had become a Christian state,  proclaimed February 14th as St. Valentine’s day. But the motive behind this proclamation was not of love; rather it was meant to abolish a pagan fertility ritual that was being held on the 14th of February.

A celebration of love, friendship, and admiration

Today, to celebrate friendship, romantic love, and admiration, family and romantically involved partners take time out to make that day memorable for their partners. While some couples choose to celebrate the day by having a picnic, dinner, or a special home-cooked meal, others take it a step further by staying in luxury hotels in beautiful strategic locations. Then there are those who choose Valentine’s day to make lifetime commitments. Marriage proposals to their special ones are delivered so creatively and beautifully. Whatever the method, Valentine’s day is generally memorable.

Have you seen anything cuter than a cow born with a heart-shaped patch on its head on Valentine’s day? Tell me; I’ll wait

For one Northern Ireland family, Valentine came in a not-so-conventional way. This adorable calf with this cute heart on her forehead was born to Bridesmaid and Gold Top on Valentine’s day. Although we don’t know the reason for this distinctive patch on the forehead of the calf, what we do know is that it is all shades of amazing. In addition to this beautiful patch, this calf also has gorgeous brown eyes and the most amazing eyelashes. [2]

Fittingly, this latest addition to the Parkshaw Farm in North Antrim has since been named Be My Valentine.

A mark so distinct 

Bushmills farmer, James McAuley admits he’s never seen a marking so distinct on a calf and adds that his children are absolutely smitten by this fantastic calf.

I’ve seen ones kind of like it but it’s just the date, being Valentine’s Day. It was my mum that said ‘look at the heart on her head.’ The gentle-natured calf has been a hit with the kids. They just love the wee jersey calves, their nature is very different to other calves,” said Mr. McAuley. 

Jersey Breed

Jersey cows have been around for a while now. Its origins date back to Jersey, one of the Channel Islands. The color of this breed, especially those that are purebred is usually a shade of cream or fawn, with a dark switch around its tail, and a white band around its muzzle. This breed was first registered in the United States in 1850. [3]

Owing to its adaptability, this breed of cows can be found from Canada to Australia and South America, from Japan to New Zealand, Denmark, and South Africa. Although Jersey cows are a small breed of dairy cattle, they have super grazing ability and can perform well in intensive grazing programs.

Their good milk production and its butterfat content make them a popular option for farms. Their docile temperament, heat tolerance, and gentle disposition make them easy to care for. However, Jersey bulls tend to act aggressively.

Owing to their size and lack of muscular development, this breed of cows is better suited to milk production than meat production.


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