Boy Calls His Father Through ‘Emergency’ Doorbell Camera, Leaves Dad Laughing Out Loud

Boy Calls His Father Through ‘Emergency’ Doorbell Camera, Leaves Dad Laughing Out Loud

Even though decades of sci-fi movies have shown us that technology will be our downfall, it has always been pretty darn useful. With numerous advanced technologies at their fingertips, most children don’t always use technology as expected or intended.

Technology has changed the way we live our lives. It is safe to say that technological advancements in the last few decades have been more rapid than in any other period in the history of man. These advanced systems help us to do things we once had to labor and toil over.

It seems like there is always something new popping up that makes it more convenient for us to live from day to day. For example, if you get lost or require directions for some reason, you can quickly look it up on Google maps.

Children are more innovative

The result of all this technology is that every new generation becomes more and more used to living with it. Most children today grow up ultimately accustomed to using technology in ways that can still baffle some adults. [1]

This was the case of “Baby Gracie,” a young boy from Michigan who couldn’t remember the number of his favorite channel. He had been at a neighbor’s house with his mother but had requested to go home. His mother agreed to let him walk back home and turn on the TV, promising she would be home shortly.

The only issue was that when he arrived home, Baby Gracie couldn’t remember the channel number. However, instead of walking back to the neighbor’s house to ask his mother, he turned to technology, gifting the world an absolutely hilarious conversation in the process.

I don’t think that was what it was made for

Introducing the Ring Video Doorbell, a smart home security product from Amazon that incorporates outdoor motion-detecting cameras and Wi-Fi technology to keep the home safe. Ring Video Doorbells allows homeowners to answer the door from anywhere using their smartphones.

This is precisely what Baby Gracie was counting on when he walked out to his front porch to ring up his father using the family’s Ring doorbell. He knew that if he activated the motion detector, it would go through to his father.

Fortunately for the over 10 million people around the world who have seen the video, the app didn’t only notify his dad that someone was on the front porch, it also took a recording of their exchange for posterity sake.[2]

The recording begins by showing Baby Gracie climbing up some platform to stare into the camera. When he was well-positioned, he starts calling for his dad, who hears him and responds. They first get the important stuff out of the way by exchanging words of affection.

Baby Gracie wastes no time bringing up the reason for the unorthodox call by asking,

“How do you turn on the kid’s channel? In the house. Do you know Dad?”

His dad walked him through the process of turning on the entertainment system, telling him to press the power button on the side of the TV. However, it seemed that Baby Gracie already knew that bit but wanted to get the number for the kid’s channel. His father replied saying,

“Oh man. I think the kid’s channel is, maybe like 25.”

Baby Gracie’s response was just hilarious!

“I don’t know what channel 25 looks like!”

The father did his best to explain what the number 25 looks like but not before he had a good laugh as anyone would in that situation. By the end of his explanation, it seems that Baby Gracie was more interested in playing with his father than learning what 25 looked like. [3]

He gives the doorbell camera a lot of kisses and tries to put his eyeball up close to the camera a number of times. The conversation ends with Baby Gracie’s father bidding him goodbye saying, “Thanks buddy. I love you.”

Now that he knows how to turn on his kid’s channel, Baby Gracie is happy and ready to watch some TV, so he says goodbye to his dad.


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