Stacy Robertson
Stacy Robertson
August 2, 2023 ·  2 min read

9 ingenious ways to use pool noodles to solve almost anything

Pool noodles are not only great fun to use in the pool (my kids love them!) but they’re surprisingly useful around the house too. I have used them in different ways for many DIY projects, as well as activities to keep the kids having fun this summer!

Here are my top picks for any full-time moms out there looking for simple, easy solutions.

Fun With Pool Noodles!

Pool Noodle Boats

kids summer noodle crafts

Let’s start with what pool noodles do best – floating! You can create pool noodle boats by slicing one into discs of around 1 inch in thickness and inserting drinking straws, with miniature flags attached, into the base. Take them to some water and have a race!

Floating Ice Chest

pool noodle drinks refreshing

Attach pool noodles around a large plastic tub which you can fill with ice and any beverages you want to enjoy in the pool. You’ll always have a cold drink to hand on these hot summer days!


lightsaber kids summer movie

Pool noodles are known for their bright and colourful appearance and with the recent release of the newest Star Wars movie and the next one due next year, your kids can join in the fun with pool noodle lightsabers.

Choose their favourite colors and then use silver and black tape to create a ‘handle’ at the bottom. Soft and squishy, no-one will get hurt, and they can really brighten up the day!

Marble Racers

marble noodle crafts fun

Cut two pool noodles lengthways to make racetracks for marble races. This will keep the kids entertained for ages! You can even add to the suspense by only cutting them from half way down, so the first half of the race is kept secret.

Useful Tricks!

Water Funnel

cleaning hack noodle mop

My floors need mopping every week, sometimes a few times per week with all the spilled juice and food that goes on in my home! I always used struggle with filling the mop bucket at the kitchen sink, but since discovering this hack I use a pool noodle to funnel the water directly into the bucket.

Door Buffer

hack door buffer noodle

If you have a narrow garage and are always worried about bashing the car door into the wall, attach a pool noodle to the wall and you’ll protect your door and the wall from bumps and scrapes!

Plant Support

plants garden hack summer

If you have green fingers, you can make sure your plants grow straight by cutting a pool noodle in half and fitting it around the base and stem of the plant. As they grow taller, you can add more sections to continue to support the plants.

Boot Shapers

boots noodles hack fashion

Rather than shelling out a lot of money for expensive boot shapers, you can simply use pool noodles for the same purpose. They provide great support for tall boots, and will keep them in great condition for many years.

Furniture Leg Buffer

stub buffer hack furniture

If you and your family are always painfully bashing your toes on table and chair legs, pool noodles are a simple and cheap solution. You can cut a pool noodle and fit it around the leg of the piece of furniture, and never stump your toe painfully again!

Are there any other ways you use your pool noodles? Let us know by sharing your ideas in the comments below!