Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
October 20, 2020 ·  2 min read

Do You See Which Letter Stands Out? (Try 13 More Awesome Quizzes and They Are Progressively Tougher)

How great is your vision? A lot of us think excellent vision is all about being to see any object in front of us or far away without blurry sensations. While that’s a huge part of it, there’s a lot more to eye health and sharpness than we care to admit. For example, take the simple test below and assess yourself – how quickly can you identify the wrong alphabet?

The eyes may be small but they are two very important and amazing parts of the body. Nearly every byte of information that guides your actions is collected by the eyes and processed by the brain in less than the tenth of a second. There’s a process, but it’s so fast that we barely know anything is happening. You just open your eyes and images are already filtering in. 

Still haven’t found the odd letter out? Take another go.

This puzzle is a certain type of optical illusion where a consistent stream of similar shapes or forms, in this case, the letter ‘M’ would fill the screen and another letter that’s similar in shape would be embedded within. The trick is that the brain would process the ‘M’ letters so quickly that it may skip a different letter entirely, not stopping to process it differently and detect the anomaly. 

There’s also something called eye-to-brain coordination. [1] Your eye-to-brain coordination is excellent when your eyes pick up images at extreme speed while the brain individually and accurately processes each one. People with poor eye-to-brain coordination would definitely have a hard time spotting the odd letter because the brain would end up murking up the images and not processing them separately. 

Puzzles like this are great for sharpening the mechanisms used by your brain and eyes to work together as one inseparable unit. You may start with these simple tests, but with time, even in real-life situations that require intense focusing, you’d find yourself coordinating data from your eyes faster, better, and more precisely. 

If you enjoyed figuring out the odd letter in that picture, try these 13 others and you’d certainly get the hang of it. Try to attempt them on your own first before peeking at the answers down below. Good luck and have fun! 














Check and see how many of the answers you got correct:

Quiz 1: 5

Quiz 2: I

Quiz 3: N

Quiz 4: q

Quiz 5: O

Quiz 6: g

Quiz 7: E

Quiz 8: V

Quiz 9: Y

Quiz 10: M

Quiz 11: Y

Quiz 12: 8

Quiz 13: 0

If you got 10 or more answers correct, great job! This means your brain is functioning perfectly and your eye-to brain coordination is excellent. If didn’t do so well, that’s okay too. Just keep practicing and you’ll get there! Photo Credits to Healthy Life Boxx.


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