Even The Strongest Person Gets Tired Of Being Strong And Needs A Break

We all have that one person who’s a pillar of strength and courage. This person is never tired of shouldering our complaints. Even when they aren’t in the best mental or physical health, these strong individuals take on responsibilities and carry themselves with so much grace that it is impossible to believe that they are shouldering so much. No matter when you place a call, these individuals are always at your beck and call and willing to go the extra mile. They are always there, encouraging every other person to keep trying until they succeed. We usually expect these persons to attend to everything with the same vigilance simply because they do it accurately.


Sometimes this person may be your mother, your best friend, or your sibling. Other times, you may be that person. 


It is okay for you to feel tired

If you are a strong person yourself, know that it is okay to feel tired every once in a while. It is okay to want a break from everything. You deserve it and should not feel guilty for wanting to get away from all of the struggles. Do not let anyone guilt-trip you into feeling undeserving of a break. You deserve love and attention, just like everyone else, and deserve to be cared for. 


I understand how it feels because I have been that ‘strong person’ at some point in my life, but I realized that it could be genuinely tiresome to be there for everyone. As humans, we thrive on reciprocity and often find it difficult to say no to people, but while helping out is good, it is pertinent to put yourself first. Yes, you are independent and strong. Yes, you are tough and resilient. Yes, you are empathetic and brave. As much as you are all of this, you are also a human. One that is made of flesh and blood. You are not a robot, and as such, you need to stop behaving like one.


Being vulnerable is not an indication of weakness, and it certainly doesn’t imply that you are no longer the resilient person everyone knows you are. It merely means that for once you are putting yourself before every other person and taking out time to get the needed rest in order to recharge your batteries. [1]


Set boundaries and stick to them

When you are feeling overwhelmed, it is essential for you to speak up. Taking so much responsibility at a time will affect your health in the long run. One great way to do this is by developing a sense of self-control. Determine not to cave in to their request, especially when you feel overburdened. Set boundaries and stick to them. Practicing the skill of saying no is also very vital. This will help in keeping commitments to a minimum, reducing the number of unimportant and unessential calls.

Practice self-care

You need to put into place activities that will help you relax and set them in motion. Take a bath, read, take a nap, relax, and watch TV. If you love to meditate or practice yoga, make out time to engage in all of these activities. Meditation and yoga will help you relax your muscles and nerves while energizing you from the inside, enhancing your ability to think positively and increasing your concentration. You can also join a gym club and focus on your physical health.


More importantly, you need to learn to take a break from technology and simply enjoy the art of doing nothing. 



Alternatively, you can take vacations by yourself. Create time out to rest by switching off your cell phones and going to that place you’ve always wanted to visit. You need to relax and unwind to cut the stress. Your body and mind need a bit of relaxation that will keep you from losing it altogether. And traveling will have a significant impact on your mental well-being.


Ensure that you do not take calls during your vacation time as it defeats the entire reason for going on the trip in the first instance. [2]


Ask for help

Multitasking and taking up every responsibility in a bid to appear in control will leave you tired faster than you ever thought possible. Sometimes, even the best of us need help. You must know when to ask for help. You can delegate the little things. Give up a bit of control, so you would have time to breathe. [3]

Give them a break

If you have a strong person in your life, you will do well to remember that they are also faced with difficulties and inner worries just like everyone else. Strong people feel lonely too. They also feel the need to be rescued. Rather than add to their worries, give them a break. And remember to always thank them for being in your life.


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