Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
November 3, 2020 ·  2 min read

Farmer ‘Fines’ Couple £50 After They Parked In His Field To Have Sex And Got their Car Stuck

Who said there was only one way to “play in the mud”? This randy couple from Milton Keynes, England, couldn’t wait to get home and decided to park in a crop field and “ease some stress”. Unfortunately, the vehicle got stuck in the mud and the couple didn’t know because they slept there over the night. Seriously?

In the morning, the furious farmer couldn’t believe his eyes and charged them £50 for desecrating his field. [1] When it was time to go, another tragedy struck the unlucky trespassers. The car had gotten stuck! The story was shared on Facebook by Campbells Recovery, a vehicle recovery and transportation services based in Milton Keynes. 

The service shared some photos of the messy situation online and narrated the couple’s unfortunate experience. “Probably one of the funniest call-outs we have had in a while, customer calls and says he has a dilemma. He pulled into a field to s*** a b*rd last night and was woken this morning by an angry farmer who wanted him off his land. But, realized he was stuck, when I asked for a live location he said, ‘you can’t miss me. I’m the only Ford Focus growing in the field’.

Setting the captives free

In one photo, you can see the blue Ford sedan stuck in the middle of a large field while the tow truck is parked at the other end. The recovery guys were able to get the car some traction and pull it out of the field. 

The service mentioned that they put the post up with the guy’s permission. “Expensive s*** as he had to pay the farmer £50 for kipping in his field so he wouldn’t call the police and then the recovery fee. P.S just to clarify no wives/girlfriends were harmed by this post. The lad gives no f**** about us putting this up.”

Of course, the post immediately went viral with hundreds of people wondering how embarrassing the situation must have been.

Some hilarious comments read: 

“Farmer should have charged more as he now has a legacy of ‘wild oats’ in that field.”

Another believed the guy had been very smartly sacked. “I bet it wasn’t even the actual farmer who owned the field, more like a passing chancer who took the 50 quid off him.”

Someone else was certain his marriage would be over if he had a wife. “Those alloys, a missing passenger wing-mirror cover and number plate ends in A… I’m sure if he did have a Mrs. and she’s seen this he doesn’t anymore.”

As it turns out, outdoor sex is a whole ‘industry’ on its own. “What a lad. I might message him with some decent spots just so he can avoid this fuckery next time.”

It’s always better to wait until you get home, to avoid getting stuck in funny places and embarrassing situations.


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