Get These Awesome Window Blinds That Also Double as Solar Panels

Get These Awesome Window Blinds That Also Double as Solar Panels

Most of the energy forms on earth are somewhat limited, like electricity, fossil fuels, and hydro energy, all of which have an expiration date and are subject to overuse. However, there is one body of power that can provide reliable energy for decades to come.

It takes energy to do something, for the light to come on, to power our phones, and move our vehicles. Even reading this article requires your body to burn some energy. In physics, energy is defined as anything that must be transferred to an object to perform, work, or create heat.

Energy has become an indispensable input for the survival of human beings on Earth. However, most of the most commonly used sources of energy, including petrol, coal, and steam, are not inexhaustible. Others like wind or geothermal sources are subject to forces beyond our control.

Therefore, we risk facing an energy crisis if we run out of a particular source of energy we depend on. Thankfully, there are a few inexhaustible sources of power out there that we can use in place of the limited ones.

Solar power: Green, Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a renewable source generated by the sun in the form of electrical or thermal energy. Solar energy is obtained in different ways, most commonly by using solar photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into usable electricity.

In addition to using photovoltaics to generate electricity, solar energy is often used in thermal applications to heat interior spaces or liquids. Residential and commercial property owners can get the most out of solar energy by installing solar water heating systems and equipping their buildings with passive solar heating. [1]

Unfortunately, installing a solar panel system can be an expensive endeavor, whether on a residential or commercial property.

According to Energy Sage: “In 2019, the average national solar panel cost is $2.99/watt. The average solar panel system size in the U.S is approximately 6 kilowatts (kW); therefore, an average solar panel system would cost $12,558 after tax credits.” [2]

This is not a project a short-term renter would want to undertake. This is precisely the scenario a Californian start-up, SolarGaps, are trying to solve.

The World’s First Smart Solar Blinds

SolarGaps created a great combination of solar panels and blinds that promise to reduce your apartment, home, and business electricity bill by up to 70%. They do this by generating solar energy via the photovoltaic panels in their smart blinds.

The smart blinds automatically adjust their position throughout the day by tracking the sun to get optimal angles to generate solar power. A single set of blinds can provide enough electricity to power devices in your home, apartment, or office. [3]

SolarGaps Smart Blinds are designed for renters, homeowners, and small businesses to provide affordable renewable energy in the following ways:

1. Easy to install plug & play technology

Due to the demands of the apartment-renter consumer market, the blind brackets are designed to be non-permanent. They provide an easy-to-install plug & play solution with plenty of additional installation options to maximize energy production for homeowners.

2. Produces plenty of energy

SolarGaps blinds feature built-in solar panels that can generate up to 100W–150W of renewable energy per 10 sq. ft. (≈ 1 m2) of window. This is enough to power ten phones, three MacBooks, or 30 LED light bulbs.

3. Energy reducing

In addition to generating solar energy, the window blinds also save energy by shading your home’s interior and reducing air conditioning costs by up to 80%.

4. Smart features

Perhaps its most alluring features is that it can be easily integrated with smart devices like Google Home, Echo, Nest, and other home connected devices. This means that it can be controlled by voice, temperature, and mobile app.

Small beginnings

Solar Gaps Smart Solar Blinds began as a Kickstarter project that was able to exceed its goal in record time. Its pitch was able to get 331 backers who pledged $102,354 to help bring their dream to life.


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