Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
September 3, 2020 ·  4 min read

Here’s Why You Should Date a Woman Who Tells It Like It Is, Even If She’s Intimidating Sometimes

We all deserve to have at least one person in our lives who doesn’t mince words when stating facts. 

You need someone who will tell you everything like it is, and although they may occasionally come off as blunt, you’d learn to appreciate the clarity honesty brings into your life.

Imagine how lucky you’d be if this unconditionally honest person was your partner. When it comes to honesty, women who hold it as a virtue do not look back on their principles. This doesn’t mean she’ll be rude, insensitive, or uncouth, but she understands how dangerous it is to sugarcoat facts. She knows she’d be sabotaging your personal development and mental growth if she doesn’t give you the facts straight up, and even when there’s a possibility that you won’t take things well, she’d take the risk because it’s what’s best for you.

You may feel intimidated occasionally, but honest people generally give off those vibes. The truth hurts, and not many people can appreciate the presence of a brutally honest person in their lives. This special woman will spur you into becoming the best version of yourself because no false layers are covering your perspective. She’s amazing, and below are 7 amazing reasons why she’s total a keeper:

She gives the best advice

You can count on her to be the one person who will always be level-headed despite the situation. She’ll give the most befitting advice because she’d put herself in your position before coming up to a conclusion. She’s not judgmental and would never try to rub in your face. However, she won’t sweeten or douse her words with tiny lies to make you feel better. You won’t ever grow if you don’t have access to clean truth.

Her honesty is infallible

She’s that woman who doesn’t have a price. It doesn’t matter what is at stake – she will always be morally upright and once there’s truth to be told, she’d offer it right away. Her principles are unshakable. In reality, the truth can often be hurtful and difficult to accept but knowing that whatever someone says can never be a lie is a healthy privilege. 

She’s not easily offended

Deeply honest people often have this character trait — a tight lash on their temper. Since they are always in positions where they may get other people upset with their words, they take their own medicine well. They don’t get offended when people point out their imperfections or undesirable qualities. They’ll just decide to do better and when they don’t agree with your points, they’d engage in mature conversations to sort things out.

She can be quite the vulgar fox

Sometimes, honest people need to feel like they are being taken seriously and they subconsciously roll out cuss words while making statements. You have to get used to her going off sometimes. It makes her feel better and you can be certain she never intends to offend anyone. As long as she doesn’t swear around kids or religious clergy, you can think of it as adorable.

She doesn’t care about being girly

If her personality comes off as girly, no problem. If it doesn’t, also not a problem. She doesn’t make efforts to embody any society-approved standards of what a lady should be and how she should act. Her personality is portrayed in how powerful her influence is and how unwavering her opinions stand. She focuses on being respected, not being admired for her girly persona.

She’s open and free-spirited

One of the many wonderful things about honest people is how burden-free they often are. You’d be surprised to find out how much clutter that lies and dishonesty bring to our minds or souls. You can certainly do without the shadow baggage. An honest woman radiates a feeling of freedom and mental peace. You’d notice this once you get to know her. She may be introverted, but she’s a fascinating character that always says what’s on her mind and listens to other people’s thoughts. She’s decent, and you can expect her to be completely respectful of your privacy and secrets.

She’s proud of who she is – despite what people say

You can’t be an honest person and not be disliked by a few (or many) people. Not everyone can handle the truth, and some people would complain about your woman’s no-filter attitude. People would try to discourage you from being with her, describing her as rude, insensitive, or a know-it-all. However, she’ll never change or douse her intense personality to suit people who cannot handle life without limiting sugar coats.

She proudly owns her personality and you’d be making a huge mistake not to be a part of this awesome person’s life.

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