Incredible Photos of Birds Captured By A Woman Who Placed A Feeder Cam In Her Backyard

Incredible Photos of Birds Captured By A Woman Who Placed A Feeder Cam In Her Backyard

Birds always feel out of reach to us. Even when they are perched on your rail tweeting happily without a care in the world, the tiniest step from you can set them off and have them flying into the sunset. However, there is an innovative new way of getting all the bird photos you want without scaring the little fellas off. 

Most birdwatchers would tell you to practice a lot, persevere, be patient, and invest in good binoculars if you want to see any exotic birds or just about any bird. However, with the advent of tools such as the Bird Photo Booth, all you need is a good gadget and a good means of attracting the birds. 

The Bird Photo Booth 2.0 

This is an innovative product from inventor, photographer, and bird lover, Bryson Lovett. In a bid to create a means of relating with birds in their element without scaring them, as well as giving you more rewards with less effort, Lovett created the Bird Photo Booth. 

If you are into bird photography like Lovett, you will know that it’s incredibly frustrating to buy expensive cameras only to turn yourself into a quiet mouse and still have them fly away at the slightest movement. 

The Bird Photo Booth not only lets you take close-up and clear images of birds without scaring them off, but it also provides a means of feeding the birds. 

The Photo Booth uses built-in Wi-Fi and is activated by motion. To use this device, you can either use the motion-activated camera built into the system or attach an iOS or Android device controlled remotely via Bluetooth to the device. [1]

Either way, you’ll be sure to get incredible pictures of birds — and then more.  

Way to take advantage of the new technology 

Lisa M. Ca, known as Ostdrossel on social media, is a lover of nature. She moved away from her home and family in Germany to Macomb County Michigan in 2012. As you can imagine, it wasn’t an easy experience, but it is one that is well worth it. 

You see, Lisa was awed by the diverse species of birds she’d see in her yard regularly as opposed to her place in Germany. She then figured she would take a couple of pictures of them and send them to her family back home. 

Lisa uses the Bird Photo Booth 2.0 to take non-intrusive photos of the birds

It’s quite simple. The camera which consists of a camera box, macro lens, and a detachable feeding platform has been undeniably useful in this journey of hers. First, she lures the birds in with some treats, and as they are munching on their snacks, the camera takes numerous photos of these “supermodels”

Numerous birds come to her feeder/slash camera daily. Some even come back over and over again. They each have unique personalities that shine through the lenses of the camera. In the evenings, Lisa combs through the photos which run in the thousands to select her top picks and share online. [2]

It’s almost as if she has become a part of the birds’ lives

More than just watching single birds come to take a few bites of her snacks, Lisa has been fortunate enough to watch how birds and their families relate on a deeper level. There is a family of bluebirds who she has watched raise their chicks for years now. 

I have set up a nesting box for the bluebirds in my yard which also has a camera inside and I have watched them building their nests and raising their babies for several years now,” she said. 

Her visitors go beyond birds 

According to Lisa, “You never know who might show up.” Certainly, the number and types of birds she has seen is mind-blowing. From hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and blue jays to summer tanagers and palm warblers, there’s never a dull moment in Lisa’s home. 

However, there are times other critters show up for a bite. Her camera has captured opossums, groundhogs, and skunks. Also, there is a chipmunk that “just started showing up,” she added. 

The entire process is therapeutic for Lisa

Not just Lisa, but other people on social media. Her images which are shared online have gone viral. She has over 25,000 followers on Instagram who appreciate her work. 

Generally, people love bird photos since they evoke a sense of calmness and freedom. Lisa’s photos are of top-notch quality. 

She said, “Watching the birds and working my garden in a natural and critter and bird-friendly way is something that calms me and balances me in these chaotic times. The fact that my photos and videos seem to have the same effect on other people, too, is a wonderful plus.[3]

Attracting birds to your home 

Placing a camera is one thing, getting the birds to come to it is a whole other ballgame. They will only come if something is attracting them over — most notably bird feed and treats. There are several things you can put out for birds to eat. They include fruits, peanuts, suet, lard, and seeds. 

Here are a couple of recipes you can use to make great bird feed 


This is a solidified mix of fat that is especially good for keeping birds warm. Most birdies enjoy it a lot. 

To make suet, simply chop fat from beef, bacon, or just about any other source you prefer. Don’t let any meat or bone get into the mixture. Heat the chopped fat on low heat till it liquefies. Then strain it with a cheesecloth several times. Pour into molds and let it cool. 

That’s all! Nothing too fancy. 

2. Suet plus more 

You can serve suet as-is or add a couple more ingredients to make “fancier”. For instance, you can melt the suet and add peanut butter, cornmeal, and flour to it. 

3. Bird cake 

This is super simple and yummy — for the birds of course. All you have to do is melt lard and add birdseed, raisins, peanuts, and grated cheese to it. Just like suet, put it into a mold and let it set. [4]

4. Fruit mix 

You can simply mix chopped apples and berries or any other fruit for them. Alternatively, you can soak currants overnight and leave it out for them.

5. Seed mixes 

Bird seeds are highly nutritious and attractive to birds. Place them in your backyard and watch the birds flock to you. To make the perfect mix, you need to add nuts and seeds such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, white millet, cracked corn, and even dried fruits or raisins. Add these in your desired proportion, depending on what you have at hand.

Ultimately, looking up pictures of birds on Pinterest is one thing, taking photos of your own is highly different and way more fulfilling. 

But investing in a bird feeder and motion sensor camera would not be a bad idea at all. 
So, get in touch with your tweet side and fly high.


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