Man drives by Brand New House and Sees Something’s Wrong. Can You Spot It?

Man drives by Brand New House and Sees Something’s Wrong. Can You Spot It?

If someone lives here, I can confidently bet a good deal they never threw a housewarming party. How is anyone supposed to explain this architectural misfit to their friends? 

In modern times, not many homeowners would get to see the architectural plan or monitor the construction of their homes. They just get tours from realtors, make down payments and move into already-made homes waiting to be furnished. 

While we all have dream homes that reflect our individuality and unique tastes, we sometimes have to make do with what’s available and affordable, and that’s probably what happened here. On another thought, if this blunder wasn’t the fault of the architect, what was the construction crew thinking? The person in charge might have been absent during the final stages of construction. Even at that, someone had to have noticed this was all shades of wrong.

The photo of this house in North Carolina was posted on Reddit in 2016 and of course, it went viral as people tried to figure out what was going on. [1] If you look at the picture for five seconds straight (or less), you’re going to spot it.

Poor designs and broken hearts

Everyone wants their home to go viral online for a good reason. Perhaps a unique architectural trick that makes it stand out, a natural phenomenon happening up in the sky above, or maybe the house could be in the background while famous artistes performed on the street. All amazing stuff.

No one wants their home to be posted online for being one of the top architectural failures of the century.

The question is, how is anyone supposed to drive into the garage?

The driveway leads up to the window and you’d have to drive over the curb and straight through your lawn to get into the garage, which is weirdly on the other side.

Later tagged the “most poorly designed house in Amerca,” Real estate agent Josh Flagg, from “Million Dollar Listing” said, “Nobody would ever build a home that way. It makes no sense. There’s got to be a reason.”

Well, there might be a reason after all, although it still doesn’t make a lot of sense.  

According to Country Living: [2] “This house is actually a builder’s model home created by Epcon Communities. According to Nanette Overly, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Epcon Communities, it is common for model homes like this one to not have a driveway that leads to the garage. Instead, a concrete pad that provides easy access to the home for potential buyers and realtors is used. Once its life as a model home is complete, a driveway from the street to the garage will be poured and the concrete pad will be removed.” 

Okay, so it’s a model house. We got that part. But why can’t they just place the concrete pad straight in front of the garage? Again, there’s got to be a reason, but this photo really got architectural enthusiasts all riled up back then.

Below are a few more epic fails to spice up your week. If anything, these photos are a loud warning to real estate developers, property owners and construction managers. Pay close attention while your structures re being erected to avoid “heart-breaking” mistakes such as these. If fixable, they’d often cost a lot of money and in extreme cases, the entire building would have to come down, and that’s an utterly terrifying thought.

#1 Maybe this house was built for ghosts who can walk through walls

#2 Okay, we see you. So, what are we supposed to do in the event of a fire?

#3 If “literally” were a staircase

#4 Exclusively built for Spiderman because no one else can access this hotel’s sitting area

#5 In case you miss your workout any day, this ATM’s got you covered. 

#6 “If your superpower is seeing through walls, here are your seats, please.”

#7 Privacy is a thing of the mind

#8 In case you are building in an area prone to car theft

#9 All you had was one job

#10 I’ve always known some people’s brains are wired sideways. This confirms it.


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