Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
August 17, 2023 ·  3 min read

Mum Shocked out Of Her Mind When She Sees a Shirt with Her Baby’s Face in the Washing Machine

Can you imagine a mother’s reaction when she sees her baby daughter’s face through the washing machine window? This is beyond getting angry and screaming. It’s pure fright and unbridled terror — until she realizes it’s just a customized tee-shirt. A customized tee-shirt she made for her husband.

 A girl on Twitter, Immi Cornes, recalled how her mom went to the great beyond and back when she put a tee-shirt with Immi’s laughing baby picture in the machine. [1] When she walked by the next day, in all honesty and truth, she thought her child was literally “taking a spin” with her mouth wide open in a smile, although she’d been the one who put the shirt in there. The travails of an exhausted mom. 

I can’t even imagine the shock she went through.

A warning to everyone who handles the machine

Immi shared the terrifying photo on Twitter in April with the caption: So…, my dad had a top of a pic of me when I was younger (mum got it him as joke don’t ask) n I wore it to chill so she washed it at night, came back the nxt day n screamed.

If you think this is probably not as frightening as she claims, see for yourself.

The hilariously frightening picture went viral and has so far garnered over 61,000 reactions and 12K retweets. 

Some funny comments:

It would seem funny now, until you spot anyone’s smiling face spinning in the washer. It’s better to turn all face-customized tee-shirts inside out before they are washed. No one can explain a baby-face induced heart attack in the laundry room to a doctor.

Also, there have been cases of pets and stuffed animals getting folded up along with laundry and tossed into the machine. Before squeezing a batch in, take time to flap the clothes to make sure no living creature is hiding underneath.

The photo has been wrongly credited to a Russian guy on Imgur by several media stations. He must’ve found the story to be hilarious so he uploaded the photo onto his Imgur account with the caption: Please, if you are ever washing your favorite shirt with a picture of your child on it, just put a warning note on the washer or something… [3]

Everyone thought the baby was his child, an assumption he immediately cleared up in the comment section and also discouraged news websites from publishing the photo without crediting the right owner.


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