Stacy Robertson
Stacy Robertson
August 24, 2023 ·  4 min read

New Study Shows That Girls’ Trips Are Key To Being Happy And Staying Healthy

You think girls get most excited about diamonds and puppies? Well, think again. Nothing gets a girl happier than taking a well-deserved vacation with her friends. Traveling to a warm and sunny place, preferably one with clear blue water and white sand beaches has to be at the top of all girls’ bucket lists. Throw in a few of her best friends and you’ve got yourself the perfect stress relief recipe for girls. 

Now you have a reason to indulge 

It’s certainly refreshing to have a reason other than ‘it’s the weekend’ so you can take a girls’ trip. This time, science has determined it’s beneficial to your health. So, you can tell your boss that as your reason before riding off into the sunset for a couple of days. 

Social-personality psychologist Dr. William Chopik’s research has shown that these trips are very good for you because they can boost your happiness levels. [1]

Who doesn’t want their happiness levels boosted? 

The research by Dr. Chopik was published in the Journal of Personal Relationships. It shows that unlike romantic relationships, friendships “are a way to derive all the benefits of being in a relationship with someone without the enormity of it.” This is due to the “lack of pressure” to behave a certain way that is typically seen in romantic relationships. 

On why friendships make people very happy while adding spice to their lives, Dr. Chopik said, “Friendships are really important for people’s happiness. In general, [they offer] improvements on metrics like depression and anxiety. Friends serve as a source of support. You can share things with them that you may feel you can’t with a partner or family member — particularly if you’re having trouble with said partner or family member.[2]

Why do girls’ trips affect physical and mental health in such a positive manner? 

According to Dr. Chopik, this is because “These are relationships of choice. You choose to hang out together because you enjoy each other’s company.” [3] 

He also explained why these trips allow you to connect with your friends on a deeper level. He said, “You can sit down, look them in the eye, have a true back-and-forth, and read each other’s body language. They can see you and your facial expressions. You’re emotionally responding to things and you can pick up on their emotions. You don’t always get that through a phone call.” [4]

Also, a recent study by Harvard University proved that going away with friends truly is good for your health. The study stated that, “Social connections like these not only give us pleasure, they also influence our long-term health in ways every bit as powerful as adequate sleep, a good diet, and not smoking.” This is as opposed to having a lack of social ties which is associated with “depression and later-life cognitive decline, as well as with increased mortality.” 

Scientists also found that not only does connecting with friends help relieve harmful stress levels that affect health adversely, but it also triggers the release of stress-reducing hormones. [5]

Statistics show that most people believe traveling is the key to happiness

A global study of 17,000 people showed that 70 percent of them believe happiness comes from traveling rather than material things. For that reason, 56 percent of people would rather spend their money on holidays than buying things, while 48 percent would spend them on escapes instead of home improvements. This is not surprising at all. After all, many people have much better vacation homes such as summer cabins or lake houses when compared to where they live the rest of the year. This goes to show just how much people value holidays.

Furthermore, 50 percent of people found holidays more fulfilling than getting their dream job, and 51 percent said they’d rather travel than go on a date with their partners. This proves that the statement of ‘girls prefer girls’ trips to romantic trips’ isn’t as far-fetched as you probably thought. [6]

At this point, you probably want to go on a girls’ trip. Do it, there’s no time like the present, so plan an amazing trip somewhere with your best friends. I hear Maui island in Hawaii is nice to visit this time of the year. Here’s a tip, be sure to visit the Makena Beach — you and your girls will be in for a big treat!


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