Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
October 20, 2020 ·  3 min read

20 Simple Yet Genius Ideas That Deserve To Go Viral

There’s always room for improvement – that’s why technology is such a successful industry. No matter how good something has become over time, it can always be better, and the same can be said for various little advancements and comforts all around us. To be a genius means to hit a target that most people cannot see and to create something people want but can’t conceptualize. From hacks as little as flattening one side of a bucket to lap perfectly with a wall or creating sockets in a way that plugs won’t overlap, these seemingly small tricks would certainly brighten your day, because they make perfect sense!

We’ve put together 20 of the best ones we are sure you’d enjoy [1]. Happy perusing!

#1  Since paper straws are pretty much useless and plastic straws are destroying our lands and oceans, let’s welcome the better option – glass straws.

#2   This bathroom in ATL has lights above every stall so you’d know when each one is in use. Let’s avoid those very awkward situations.

#3   This “bit more” button on your toaster helps you get just that little tinge of brownness when you’re not sure how to time it.

#4   Okay, it’s a win-win for everyone. We need these at every park.

#5   High visibility clothing to stay safe at night. They are not the most fashionable but if they ensure your safety while walking the lanes at night, put ‘em on please.

#6   If you’re always juicing citrus fruits for cooking or drinking, this cute device is for you. It does the work with little effort and keeps juice off your hands.

#7   Amazing! This store sells baby strollers and has different kinds of terrains so parents can’t get ready for the feel ahead of time.

#8   Talk about upcycling. This store uses empty beverage boxes as trays for serving coffee. This should be the new normal.

#9   Instead of throwing out their chipped bowls, this restaurant works the chips into cute waves and other styles so they can safely remain in use.

#10 I mourn all the chargers I’ve damaged by trying to make an angle 90 on my blanket. 

#11 Whoever came up with this idea deserves an award. This way, wires won’t block other socket outlets and you can have more space.

#12  I don’t know why I find this incredibly calming and relaxing. I need one!

#13   This smart printer rotates each print job by 90 degrees to separate everyone’s stuff. Smart is the new cool.

#14   Why isn’t this popular everywhere? A bucket makes more sense when it has a flat side to lap with the wall.

#15  This would have solved all the issues I had with my weird roomie back in college. Face your side, Sis.

#16  Tax payers deserve to know where their money went. ¨

#17  Tires that do not require air are a dream. Fewer accidents, fewer flats, and less time spent pumping.  

#18  This would actually be really fun at my favorite shawarma place.

#19  When your cats are like babies to you, you keep them comfortable. Cats love to climb, so why not?

#20 Upcycling makes me so happy. This above-the-ground pool is made from a repurposed shipping container. Would you believe it?!