Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
October 7, 2020 ·  13 min read

The Three Stages of Each Zodiac Sign That Most People Don‘t Know About

The only constant thing about human life is change. No matter how hard you try to remain stagnant, you must pull up to evolve at some point. 

Zodiac signs allow us to understand a little bit more about ourselves as we transform during the cycle of life [1]. Especially during the phases of spiritual transformation and deep awakening, understanding the intricacies of your zodiac often makes the transition a lot easier to accept. The questions about your personality can be answered by the different stages of your sign, and most people don’t know that each sign actually has three stages. The first stages are represented by the normal symbol we all know, such as ram for Aries and the crab for Cancer. 

However, the subsequent stages represent the next steps in your journey of life and self-awareness. They are not that common but they are very real and as important as the first ones we all know. Here they go [2]:

Stages of Aries: Ram, Shepherd, Reborn Sun

The Ram: The ram symbol of Aries is also the scared representation of many solar deities. We see them across many cultures and religions where ram horns are affixed to sacred gods. The ram stage represents the reality of a heart full of burning fire, a passion that comes with a need to conquer and thrive despite the odds. This is evident in the many fights and squabbles Aries people find themselves in as they grow up, and upon the evolution of their personalities, the next stage comes in.

The Shepherd: Shepherds are lonely, isolated people who spend most of their time with their animals, and as such, in their feelings alone. This is the turning point for an Aries when they finally realize how exhausting their burning personalities are. They also begin to understand that the fire in them should burn as passion and not unfounded rage.

The Reborn Sun: This is the time of final but true awakening for an Aries person. A time when they must go through extreme trials and tribulations to come out on the other side, stronger, lighter, and better. Aries is the first zodiac symbol because it’s time frame represents the death of winter and the early birth of spring. This total rebirth is the climax of the evolution of an Aries and the height of personal discovery.

Stages of Taurus: Bull, Minotaur, Demigod

The Bull: The main symbol of the Taurus sign is the bull, a representation of the fierce power and relentless drive of nature. Just like the ram, the Bull is also a sacred animal in many cultures and religions, and for a Taurus, it represents their goal-oriented nature. When a bull locks its sights on something, it charges forward until it attacks and breaks the target. This is a desirable quality only that bulls are not always able to think toward other directions and may end up crashing badly. When a Taurus finally realizes that this isn’t the way to go, they further sink down the hole to the next stage.

The Minotaur: The Minotaur is a beast from the folklores that represent a half-human and half-bull guardian if the labyrinth. The appearance of the beast represents an incompatibility with nature than further enrages a Taurus’s heart. At this point, they are more stubborn than ever, lost in the darkness, fuelled with uncontrollable rage at their condition, until they finally get to a point of awakening. They are only in the dark because they choose to be, and now, they finally switch things up to the greatest level.

The demigod: This is when you notice a Taurus person exiting from the tumultuous stage to a place of spiritual superiority. This person takes on a demigod-like personality, liberating themselves from the boundaries of humanity, and channeling their energy toward a supernatural level of peace.

Stages of Gemini: Twins, Ship, Stars

The Twins: The Gemini’s first symbol is the Twins. At this stage of their lives, Geminis are often pumping with curiosity, full of excitement, and unnaturally thirsty for adventure. They ask questions about everything and become very open-minded personalities. Sadly, a point will come at this stage when they will realize how empty they actually are and would begin to seek new experiences.

The Ship: According to the legend, a time came in the lives of the original Gemini brothers when they joined a treasure hunt in search of thrills. Geminis at this stage of their life will go beyond their comfort zones to find joy in true adventure. However, the initial thrill of the excitement will eventually wear off and they will fall back to the twin stage. However, surpassing this setback brings them to the highest stage of self-realization.

The Stars: At this stage, a Taurus realizes that all that wanderlust is simply a phase of life, one that opened their eyes to a lot of new lessons and experiences. They make solemn declarations to forge ahead and take life as it comes, knowing when to explore and when to cut back.

Stages of Cancer: Crab, Hydra, Peacock

The Crab: This is the popular symbol of the Cancer Zodiac, a representation of their aquatic tendencies and similarities to the nature of water. Also, Cancers do not always perform actions that are easily understood by everyone, just like a crab never moves in a straight line. Cancers act according to their environmental conditions and are always rich in emotions and full of unpredictable moves. However, events of cruelty and betrayal will often cause them to switch to the next stage.

The Hydra: Pain can cause a person to morph into a new reality that they themselves do not even recognize. The hydra is a sea creature that when cut into two parts from the head, two more heads will splurge out. When cancers are at the Hydra stage, they are full of strong, angry emotions and will react in the most dangerous ways when crossed. They become fiercely loyal and faithful to the people who stick with them and are extremely mean to those who hurt them.

The Peacock: This is the climax of the greatness of a Cancer. Recall that the peacock is the sacred symbol of Great Mother, Hera, Queen of the Gods. Cancers become such incredibly successful people that they do not need to announce their successes. Their action and results speak for them.

Stages of Leo: Lion, Warrior, King

The Lion: Naturally, Leos comes into the world with a kingly mindset. They are born to be completely in control of their environments, ruling with pride and full of confidence. They are incredibly strong and passionate about the things they love. However, an event often takes place that makes them question their authority and certainty in themselves.

The Warrior: When this happens, the Leo switches up into the warrior stage. This is the point where they feel threatened the most and set out to prove themselves, also proving how vain and thirsty for all the attention they can get. They’ve been fighting a war they did not choose and somehow, control is being taken from them. They resist and fight until they move into the next stage.

The King: The Leo finally realizes that lions do not engage in dog fights at this stage. They finally come to peace with their royal nature and decide to be the regal entities they were born to be. This is the apex of a Leo’s self-realization, the point at which nothing can shake their resolve anymore.

Stages of Virgo: Virgin, Dark Maiden, Queen

The Virgin: This is the start of the awakening of a Virgo. In the legend, Persephone, the true Virgo was a young, innocent, and graceful girl who was exploring the world and eager to learn new things. Her brilliant mind yearned for knowledge and she was quite the curious cat. All Virgos pass through this stage where they paint everything a brilliant color with their radiance and innocence. Until tragedy strikes, just as it happened in the legend where Virgo was kidnapped.

The Dark Maiden: With a heart full of sorrow, fear, and pain, Virgos blaze through a time of darkness and suffering in their lives where nothing makes sense anymore. They are terrified and unsure of themselves, lost in almost supernatural darkness, and can only be saved by the realization that they need to get a hold of the situation. In the legend, Persephone married Hades, the god of the Underworld and gave rise to the next stage of her life.

The Queen: Persephone became the queen of the underworld and realized that the true lightness in her heart, mixed with the darkness of the underworld gave her unmatchable power to achieve anything. At this stage of their lives, Virgos become undefeatable and finally realize how powerful their mixed nature makes them.

States of Libra: Scale, Blindfold, Sword

The scale: Fairness and an intense need to exert justice is the first character of a Libra, which most people would often mistake for indecisiveness and an inherent lack of guts. Libra is represented at this stage by the Scale of Themis, the goddess of justice who seeks to hear all opinions and facts before making a guided decision. Libras would often come off as people who are too dependent on others, but they only seek to hear from everyone else to pass the most legitimate verdict. However, they cannot always be fair to everyone and will finally move to the next stage.

The blindfold: This is a highly precarious stage where a Libra tilts on the edge of intense rage. They are angry at how difficult it can be to make tough decisions and they decide to seal their eyes, taking on a new phase of near heartlessness where they convince themselves that emotions cannot be a part of the mix. However, a hint of their old self remains and it prompts them to take the new power and move into the next stage.

The sword:  Libras at this stage finally find the power to execute the right judgment and deliver the fairest verdicts. Their good spirit and kind nature become aligned with their strong and ruthless will, and for whatever decisions they make, they always make the fairest choices.

Stages of Scorpio: Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix

The Scorpion: Scorpios are born with an unnatural amount of power and ability. They are strong and able to integrate their instincts with learned knowledge to achieve nearly impossible goals. Sometimes, they win. Other times, they lose, but they forge ahead regardless. At some point, when the failure becomes too much to bear, a Scorpio will descend into a dark place where they are unable to move or thrive. Finally, they realize that this is a meaningless way to live and they transition to the next stage.

The Eagle: Eagles are known in nature for their ability to soar amazingly and their extremely powerful vision. No matter how high it flies, an eagle will see everything on the ground. Scorpios are not known for indecisive behavior. It’s either they are too low or too high. When they blast into the eagle phase, they just fly, higher and higher, seeking out a state of success where nothing can stand in their way. No matter how badly the odds are placed against them, they find a way to ride higher and succeed. 

The Phoenix: At the apex of their intellectual success, Scorpios become like phoenixes. In folklore, the phoenix is a bird that regenerates itself from its own burnt ashes. Scorpios let go of all the pain, hurt, failures, and disappointment and reach the height of spiritual transformation by realizing their true potential.

Stages of Sagittarius: Archer, Arrow, Centaur

The Archer: The sacred symbol of Sagittarius is an archer wielding a bow and an arrow. True archers are some of the most focused people in the world. They are steady, optimistic, and a true Sagittarius will draw strength from the native forces of Jupiter. There’s always a hand guiding their aim as they shoot further and higher. However, a time of damning failure will come and they falter, losing their balance and toppling into the next stage.

The Arrow: At this stage, a Sagittarius realizes they’ve been looking at things from a very narrow point of view. Their idea of success has been tailored to fit into a shell and it surpasses the whole point of winning. They still aim at targets but even when they manage to shoot successfully, the shot is unsatisfactory. They now realize how much they’ve imprisoned their personalities and they begin to see the need for freedom.

The Centaur: The archer in the Sagittarius symbol is actually a centaur, a legendary half-human and half-horse that symbolizes the apex of wisdom, spiritual awakening, and a sense of peace so gratifying it spills onto other aspects of their lives. A Sagittarius at this stage will find the freedom and grace they crave to aim for their targets in a beautifully eloquent manner.

Stages of Capricorn: Goat, Cave, Horn of Plenty

The goat: Despite the impression most people have of goats, these creatures are still highly dependable in so many ways. A Capricorn is a person who so many people are inclined to rely on and trust. They are hardworking people full of virtue and decency, but a time will come when they begin to feel that people are trying to abuse them or take advantage of their servile nature.

The cave: Capricorns become reclusive at the second stage of their lives and move into the proverbial cave. They cut off all ties with people, destroying both toxic and healthy relationships, and isolating themselves from everyone else. They begin their journey to the top, but they soon realize that no man is an island, and matter how much they’ve been hurt, they still need people in their lives.

The Horn of plenty. The symbol of the Amalthia is the Cornucopia, the Horn of Plenty. Capricorns finally realize that wealth is not merely a physical accumulation of property or meaning. Wealth is a state of mind, and at this point, they ultimately focus their energy on both physical and spiritual transformations, finally getting to a point where they truly enjoy real wealth from both ends.

Stages of Aquarius: Water Carrier, Eagle, Angel

The Water-carrier: The life of a water carrier is monotonous, boring, straight-forward, and uneventful. They finally get so used to this nature that they alienate themselves from everyone else, eventually getting to a point where they barely speak. Aquarians are simply quiet people who prefer to live in their feelings a lot. They are decent and gentle hard workers that are sometimes eccentric, but a time will come when they will tap into their true nature and topple to the next stage of evolution.

The Eagle: Of course, the eagle is nature’s bird of incredible vision, adventure, and wonders. When an Aquarius gets tired of the water-carrier kind of life, they begin to seek excitement in new things and in wherever they can find it. They soar, they fly, and they finally emerge from their slow lives and head for things that call to their souls. However, they may regress into that lonely state and begin to feel secluded again.

The Angel: This is the final stage of the evolution of an Aquarian’s character. They finally realize that instead of trying to fight their peaceful nature, they are better off accepting it and becoming angels on earth. They become healers of the world, peaceful people who everyone else can draw strength from.

Stages of Pisces: Fish, Darkness, Ocean

The Fish: The main symbol of the Pisces sign is the fish. Pisces people are extremely emotional personalities, akin to a fish being swayed around in a turbulent sea. They are not always sure of how to handle their emotions and end up splurging their feelings all over the place. They are gentle souls with a dark side and time will come when the darkness with trump over light, causing them to drop into a state of sadness and intense disappointment.

The Darkness: Darkness becomes the safest option for a Pisces at this point because they are afraid of causing others pain. They descend to a place where they would have no interactions with others and wait for their breakthrough to come, and it eventually does.

The Ocean: At this point, a Pisces realizes that the initial terror at the fish stage could be turned into a source of power. Instead of being terrified of the waves, they can rule it, taking advantage of the power of the ocean and how it merges with their true nature. A Pisces at this point becomes vastly powerful and takes the reins of their lives. They begin to control their emotions more and become strong sources of power and energy to others.


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