The world may change on December 21st thanks to a grand conjuntion – and you

Space is a happening place. And by that I mean it’s a chaotic and wild place to view from our terrestrial vantage point. For eons, humans have tried to make sense of it by using religion, spirituality, and in more recent millennia, science. We have been desperate to bring order to the chaos above our heads. When you think about it, space’s chaos could be a threat to us, so of course we want to reassure ourselves of our ability to bring order to it. But everyone has their own way of interpreting the goings-on of the flickering, slowly moving lights in our night sky. One of those ways is through astrology. And astrologers are buzzing about an upcoming grand conjunction in our night sky.

What is astrology?

Astrology is simply the human study of how cosmic objects and events influence life on Earth. Astrologers tend to believe that certain dates and celestial events have a large impact on the lives of we lowly humans. And astrologers are abuzz about December 21st, 2020.

2020 has been a wild year, I don’t need to tell any of you that. And the night sky is going to treat us to a pretty interesting grand finale, or rather what astrologers call a grand conjunction.

A conjunction in astrology refers to the meeting of two planets in our sky. Of course, the planets aren’t actually close together, they only appear that way because of our vantage point here on Earth. But a grand conjunction is the meeting of our solar system’s two largest planets: Jupiter and Saturn.

On December 21st, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer together in the sky than they have at any point since the year 1623. This is especially significant as the grand conjunction will happen on the winter solstice (for those of us in the northern hemisphere.)

A grand conjunction for a bright future

Astrologers say that this conjunction will cause an energy shift hear on the Earth, and a positive one at that. They say that the energy shift will guide us toward collectivism, community-based living, and more inward focus in general.

According to astrologers, this grand conjunction will take place among “air signs,” as opposed to “earth signs” in previous years. These air signs point toward the energy shift causing a greater focus on humanitarian efforts.

Is there any validity to any of this?

About one-third of Americans believe that astrology is either sort of or very scientific. There is, however, no scientific basis to the concept of astrology. [1] There isn’t any solid evidence that the goings on of the cosmos have much of a bearing on the ‘energies’ of the Earth or the direction of you life.

You know, as long as nothing physical from the cosmos is colliding with us. That would most certainly directly impact your life, probably in a sort of face-melting way.

I’m not one of the 33% of Americans who buys into astrology. I’m a pretty stoic, hard-nosed kind of guy. So why am I even writing about this?

All roads lead to Rome.

When I read about astrologers discussing this conjunction and the impact it would have on us, I found myself sort of inspired by it. Especially in these pandemic times, where millions face eviction and hunger itself has become a sort of epidemic, we need to be watching out for each other and working together more than ever.

You might believe that an energy shift is coming, and hey, even I’ll admit science doesn’t have everything fully explained. Maybe it is. But I can guarantee one thing: a real shift won’t happen if you don’t use the cosmic energy you’re receiving to manifest it.

What are some things you can do during this grand conjunction to help these healing, shifting energies become real? Here are a few ideas

Volunteer for a local charity

Call just about any charity in your neck of the woods and they’ll probably tell you that they need help, that they need more human-power to do their work. Ask them what their needs are and what COVID safety measures are in place. There may be remote volunteer work that can be done. Keep yourself safe while helping your community.

Talk to your neighbors

A 2018 Pew Research Center survey found that only 26% of Americans say they know most of their neighbors. [2] You might know a few of them, but chances are, you don’t know most of your immediate neighbors. That’s ok! Don’t beat yourselves up if that’s the case. We’re all busy people, we don’t always have time to pal around with the neighbors.

But during these times, a lot of people are suffering. So talk to your neighbors. Check in. See what’s up. You may find that they need a little help or can even help you with one of your needs.

Donate unwanted belongings

Is there a sweater you don’t ever wear? How about a pair of socks that you received as a gift but never really liked? Is there some canned food that’s been in your cupboard for six months that you can’t seem to get around to eating? All of these things that are mostly just junk and taking up space for you could be a game changer for someone in your community. Consider donating to a local charity or giving directly to someone in need.

Grand conjunction or not, stay safe

But above all, stay safe. Don’t do anything that would risk your or your household’s health and safety.

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