Stacy Robertson
Stacy Robertson
August 19, 2023 ·  4 min read

10 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son

Mothers play a mighty role in the lives of their sons. Not just mothers, but women generally. From their female teachers in school, especially kindergarten and middle school, to other women in their lives, it feels like women in their lives play the bulk of the roles in bringing up a child. 

Nevertheless, there are several important roles a father has to play in the sons’ formative years. Other than teaching a boy how to ride a bike, or taking him on his first camping trip, there are certain things only a father (or at least a father figure) can teach a boy. 

1. Teach him to treat a woman the right way 

Lots of people can tell a boy how to act towards women; however, they can end up confusing him since some of their actions might be contradictory. Not only can a father teach his son the proper attitude to have towards women, but he also shows the boy just to act through example. It’s no secret that boys emulate their fathers, so next time you want to do something special for your wife, let your son tag along and learn. 

2. Teach him to do things that are ‘traditionally male’ 

There are certain things men do that women tend to appreciate or admire. It makes them look all manly and macho, like starting a fire, fixing a drain, jump-starting a car, carving a turkey, lighting a grill, and changing tires. Besides for looking impressive, these skills can really help him in the future.

3. Teach him how to do things around the house 

This time it could be the boy’s routine chores, such as ironing, mowing the lawn, and taking out the trash. It is also a father’s job to teach his son how to fix himself a quick meal. After all, men can cook too! [1]

4. Teach him how to defend himself 

Only a father can teach a boy how to defend himself from bullies and other people who might try to walk all over him. This goes beyond teaching him how to physically fight. It involves helping him understand when it’s worth it to stand and fight for himself, and when it’s best to walk away with his head held high. This distinction shows the true meaning of strength. [1]

5. A father takes his son to his first camping trip 

There he will show him the ropes of the game. From knowing how to recognize poison ivy, to building campfires, and gutting and cleaning fish, these are all things fathers take their time to educate their sons on. It teaches them life skills like precision, patience, and the value of hard work.

6. Fathers teach their sons to play musical instruments

You could hire a tutor, but with the discipline it requires to learn an instrument, it is important that a father takes up this role of a teacher. Also, it would be an amazing bonding opportunity for father and son. 

7. It is a father’s duty to teach his son how to handle weapons safely 

Be it for hunting purposes or otherwise, it is a father who should accompany his son to get his gun license and take him to the shooting range. He’ll explain to his son the value of life and that kindness is not a weakness. It’s a father’s job to relay the meaning of responsibility when it comes to weapons.

8. A man should teach his son how to dress 

Many people don’t think there’s much work needed there, but truly there is. From putting on a tie, to knowing how to combine his colors and patterns, to styling a suit, to wearing cufflinks, these are all areas where a father’s expertise would be greatly appreciated by his son. 

9. Teach him how to shave

A father has to show his son the tips and tricks of the shaving business. From putting on shaving cream, shaving without cutting himself all up, and of course using aftershave, it is very important for a boy to learn how to shave from his father, especially since this lesson comes at such a vital stage of development for the son. [2] 

10. Teach him how to take responsibility for his actions

A father teaches his son to own up to his actions and not look for ways to apportion blame to other people. He teaches him to be a man of his word, but when things don’t go as planned, he should never lie or attempt to change what he said originally. He must take responsibility firmly and apologize without hesitation. [3] 

Ultimately, a boy watches his father as he’s growing up, so a father’s actions and words affect how his son views the world and himself. To every father out there, remember that it goes beyond ‘teaching’ your son with your words, children learn by example and they deserve to be taught well. 


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