Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
October 27, 2020 ·  3 min read

Women Are Creating She-Sheds, a Female Alternative to Man Caves

It’s about time! Women need caves of their own, too.

We all probably grew up watching our dads hog the spare room or back shed all to himself and call it his “man cave”. My dad would endlessly watch football, read his Grisham novels, and do construction work in his free time, and it was a pretty good hiding spot for us kids during hide-and-seek.

Recently, women have begun building their own caves and of course, we are taking things to the next level! You gotta love how a feminine touch brings cheerful life to any space. It doesn’t even have to look all flowery, colorful or girly. It could be a simple blend of gray and black with white undertones, but still, a feminine touch must stand out in some way. [1]

She-sheds are typically situated at the back of the house or in the garden. It’s a spot for a woman to relax, and enjoy her peace in the fresh air. Most houses usually come with a shed somewhere in the back. While there’s no standard for what a she-shed should look like, you have to put in some work to make it as comfortable as possible. [2]

How to make your shed a “she thing

If you’re thinking about coming up with your own she-shed, there are a few important things to bear in mind so you’d get the best results. A shed doesn’t have to be made primarily or solely of wood. It could simply be an outbuilding either connected to the main house or standing on its own. Again, there are no standards for what the structure should look like. You taste with the décor is the only thing that matters.

San Francisco-based blogger, Victoria Smith, author of the interior design blog SF Girl By The Bay shared some really wonderful insights on how to pull through the she-shed project. [3]

1. It needs a fresh coat

The color of your shed makes up a lot of the aesthetic and you’d want to paint it with something that totally appeals to you. When I finally build my shed, I’m going for the sweetest shade of lilac because that’s my cool color. You can go wild with as many colors as you want. After all, it’s YOUR shed and you can do whatever you want. Just bring it to life with colors you’d enjoy seeing every day.

2. Bring a hint of the outside inside

Floral designs on the walls, large windows, sweet little plants and even animal paintings can bring that one-with-nature feeling into your shed. According to Smith, “Adding a feminine floral print will bring the garden inside, and create more depth to the she-shed.” 

3.  Prioritize your comfort

A sofa has to be a no-brainer at this point. Also, depending on the size of your shed, you could fit in a soft bed, stuff it with cushy pillows and really make the space your own. Bring in those scents and little details that you love.

4. Have fun with the decorations

As mentioned earlier, one of the best things about having a she-shed or building one is the process itself. It might be a bit stressful but it’s always a lot of fun to finally do something for yourself and make the decisions solely according to your taste. From the type of light bulbs to the layers and colors of rugs or the lamp outside, sister, go wild with it. It’s all yours.

She-sheds are super amazing and if you don’t know where to start, here are a few amazing designs to inspire you. Enjoy! 


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