Women Who Stay Single For A Large Period of Time End Up the Happiest


This is 2020 — the 21st century.


Do we still have the mentality that perpetually single women are unhappy, lonely, and depressed? Has society finally evolved to a time where it accepts that not everyone aspires to long-term relationships or marriage? People actually can be single for long periods or even throughout their lives and still live it to the fullest. In this race called life, there’s really no manual for happiness. If marriage was the ultimate, why are divorce rates through the roof these days? It simply means that people should be allowed to choose how they want to spend their lives and when they are ready to get hitched. Age or time shouldn’t be deciding factors.


Also, the pressure to get into relationships is often more serious for women. However, researchers have discovered that women who stay single and out of serious relationships for longer periods usually turn out to be the happiest in life. [1] [2] When they finally decide to settle down, they are more likely to have a more fulfilled and steady union than those who are always in a relationship at every point in time.

The major hack in this situation is that these women do not base or correlate happiness with having a partner. They’ve chosen to break free from the accepted notion that a person’s happiest times in life begin to unfold when they are bound to someone else. Whether or not they are in a relationship, they are mentally capable of seeking out their own happiness, so it’s not a race to fulfillment for them. 


There are many reasons why a woman can stay single for a long time 

  • Being in a relationship is a state of mind more than it’s a state of being, and not everyone can get used to it easily.
  • They’ve been heartbroken by exes before and they are just staying in the healing period for as long as they need.
  • They are not willing to settle. She may not be searching for Mr. Perfectly Flawless, but she’s not going to settle for just anyone because she hasn’t found the right man for her heart.
  • Sometimes, dating can be a mentally exhausting process. People need breaks from these cycles, especially when they are not yielding positive results.
  • Their expectations of relationships have not been met yet.

Another major stronghold for single life is the fact that these women are not afraid of solitude. We subconsciously base our lives on society’s “stipulations” and most people are trying to clear certain goals at certain ages to be on the “safe side”. A lot of people are terrified of ending up alone in the future. However, a woman who can stay single for a long time or choose to never get married can never be frightened by the thought of being alone forever, which is a pretty extreme and unreasonable way of describing her future situation. It’s time we shook off that virtual image of a lonely old woman in her 80s, sitting on a porch, staring into the horizon with a wrinkly cat as company. 


If she’s got friends, a family, coworkers, or a community full of people who love and adore her, then she’s ever really going to be alone. 

How do women who stay single for long end up the happiest?

1 – She has plenty of time to pursue her goals, aspirations, and chase those dreams that would be truly fulfilling to her without having to split her time fostering a relationship.


2 – She has more reasons to stay connected to her friends and family, the people whose places in her life are deeply consolidated.


3 – She becomes fully aware of the extent of her individuality and embraces her independence. She works hard for her money and can take care of herself without depending on anyone else. 

4 – She basks in her solitude when everyone else is coupling up. She has no trouble sleeping alone, going to the movies herself, sitting at a “table for two” restaurant alone, and generally enjoying her life all by herself.


5 – She can turn up for any wedding or family dinner on her own and not feel a stroke of embarrassment.

6 – A romantic partner does not need to be at the center of a woman’s world. If he proves himself to be worthy, then she’ll place him there, but it’s not a do-or-die affair.

In the end, when she finally meets someone, she’ll be more level-headed, fulfilled, and focused on her relationships and personal life at the same time. Also, she’s less likely to choose a partner that will cause her mental stress after all this time. Extended periods of solitude tend to sharpen a person’s intuition and determination for the best. She’ll only settle for someone who will make her happier, boost her confidence, complete her fulfillment, and someone she’ll extend the same privileges to. All she wants in life is unwavering happiness, and staying single for long could pave the way to unfiltered joy.


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