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In the image just below this text, you’ll see a tree with a bunch of fairly amorphous and androgynous little people, called ‘blobs’, hanging out. Some are happy, some are frowny, some in danger, and some barely hanging on. Each one has a number assigned. This image is inspired by Pip Wilson’s blob tree.

The blob tree is a tool that helps people articulate their feelings and helps to facilitate further development. The blob tree, which on its face looks kind of silly, has actually been scientifically proven to be effective at helping people, both young and old, express their feelings. [1] [2]

Choosing your blob

For the following experiment, please look at the image and pick the blob that most feels like you right now – your current mood, where you think you are in life, and what you’re feeling in general. Once you’ve picked your blob, scroll down to find out what it means.

blob tree

Blob #1

Blob #1 stands near the tree with a smile on their face, casually looking up at all the other blobs. If you chose #1, it could mean that you’re enjoying a bit of a respite in the grass, not in the tree community itself. You are probably having a nice time sitting back and watching others as they go about their days.

Blob #2

Blob #2 is seen in the above image helping #3 make their way up the trunk of the tree. #2 is definitely on the tree, but hangs out near the bottom. If you picked #2, you’re probably in a pretty secure place in your life and want to welcome others into your tree. You’re a strong, caring person, able to hold up your tree as if you were the trunk.

Blob #3

Blob #3 is pictured climbing into the tree with the help of #2. If you chose #3, it could mean that you are feeling new to your current tree – maybe you’ve met a new friend group, moved to a new town, chose a new church, or started a new job. #3 is just starting out on the tree but making their way.

Blob #4

Blob #4 is depicted as laying in the grass in a prone position, head resting on the arms and hands, with a scowl spread across their face. Most noteworthy is their positioning under #5, who appears to be having a pretty good time in the tree. If you chose #4, it could indicate that you are feeling like an outsider and not having a good time of it. If you aren’t enjoying your time as blob #4, find yourself a #2 to help you start climbing back into your tree – or maybe a new tree.

Blob #5

Blob #5, who we just referenced, has tied a rope to a branch of the tree and are swinging from it with a big grin spread across their face. #5 is having a great time, but they aren’t exactly in the tree, are they? They’re somewhere between the grass and the tree itself. The tree is supporting their rope and the grass is there if they fall. If you chose #5, you’re likely having a fun time partially inside and outside of the tree. You’re not putting too many labels on things and are going wherever the rope swings you.

Blob #6

Blob #6 is in the tree, gently seated on a branch. But they have a look of concern on their face. #7 is seen reaching out to them, but #6’s hand isn’t exactly outstretched to help. Their hands are clinging to the tree itself. If you chose #6, it could be a sign that you aren’t sure of your place in the tree and that others are asking too much of you. To gain a firmer footing in the tree, you might consider withdrawing a bit and focusing on helping yourself. Give from your overflow instead of your deficit.

Blob #7

Blob #7 is a little like #3 – they’ve received some aid getting into the tree and want to climb higher but they don’t have an extra hand to support their growth. They’re reaching out to #6, but as you can see, #6 is having trouble themselves. If you chose #7, it could mean that you need to learn to help yourself a bit better and not rely on people who are perhaps struggling themselves.

Blob #8

Blob #8 is in the tree, but they’ve chosen to sit as far out on a middle branch as possible and is turned away from all of the other blobs. If you chose #8, it could mean a few different things about you. You could enjoy your time in the tree but just need a little break. You may also be feeling a little like a black sheep, an outcast, and maybe thinking it’s time for a new tree. There are a lot of trees out there and a lot of #2s ready to lend a hand. But your branch is still connected to your current tree – you can choose to re-engage. Maybe you can help out a #6 on your way back.

Blob #9

Blob #9 is a little like #8, but they’ve turned to face the others in the tree with a depressed look and arms folded. They may also feel like an outcast on the tree, but they definitely aren’t happy about it. Sitting next to blobs #11 and #12, who are clearly buds, may cause #9 to feel a little more lonely. If you chose #9, it may help to find a couple blobs like #11 and #12 to hang with. There’s a space on either side of them to sit. Why not give it a try?

Blob #10

Blob #10 is a pretty unique blob. They’re happy, they’re self-assured, and stable. Unlike all the other stable, happy blobs, they’re happy and stable because they’ve managed to build an extra platform for themselves. They’re affixed to the tree, but not really in it. If you chose #10, you’re probably self assured and strong on your own, but still like being in close proximity with the tree.

Blobs #11 and #12

These two blobs are two peas in a pod, but there are a couple different interpretations. They look like they’re just buds, and that may be it, but their expressions are slightly different. #11 is looking directly at #12 with a big smile, while #12 is looking at #10 with a smaller smile. What does it mean? If you chose #11, it may be a sign that you’re wanting for a close friend who simply doesn’t feel the same way. If you’ve chosen #12, it could mean you’re in a relationship with someone you adore, but someone else has caught your eye. I’m not sure what to suggest here, but regardless of what happens, keep your blob counterpart close. They’re clearly a great friend.

Blobs #13 and #14

Blob #13 is depicted in a precarious situation – they’re falling! Before this snapshot in time, #13 was probably feeling pretty good sitting on the branch next to #14. Now #14 is reaching down with a terrified look, trying to grab at their lost companion. If you chose #13, you could feel like you’re in a freefall in life. If you chose #14, you could be sad or scared at watching someone in your life fall. Both of you should rest assured, though. There are branches #13 can grab and soft grass to land on. And if you do land on grass, you can find a #2 to help you back up. Don’t worry, #14, #13 could be back on your branch soon.

Blob #15

Blob #15 is close to the top of the tree, but not quite the tippy top. Still, #15 is pretty happy! They’re smiling and waving to other folks on the tree. If you chose #15, you probably feel like you’ve done well in life. Things are stable and good and you’re happy to engage with others. But there’s that one hand still clinging to the top branch of the tree, indicating that you’re maybe a little less sure of yourself than you would prefer.

Blobs #16, #17, and #18.

These three blobs are interesting and could represent a clique inside of the greater community of the tree – maybe they’re your favorite cousins or your best friends at work. But while they’re together, each is in a different place. #16 is standing slightly on the outside, arms outstretched like they want a hug, but they’re clearly being left hanging. #17 is in the process of holding #18 on their shoulders, indicating that these two are closer and that maybe #17 is more stable. If you chose #16, it could mean that you’re in need of branching out from your clique a bit. If you chose #17, you may be feeling like you’re too responsible for the people in your inner circle. If you chose #18, it could be time to start learning to stand on your own two feet and maybe invite #16 back in.

Blob #19

Blob #19 is at the top of the tree. They could be the oldest in the family, the most successful in a friend group, or the boss at a big company. But look how far out on that top branch they are! And that frowny face with crossed arms doesn’t seem to signal that they’re happy with their place on the tree. If you chose #19, congratulations on your success! But maybe it’s time to crawl your way back to #15. #15 is feeling good, but clinging to the tree a bit. Maybe they need a little support, and maybe you need to use your position high on the tree to help others feel more stable.

Blob #20

Blob #20 has got it going on. They’ve even got hair! They stand at the very top of the tree, a huge smile, arms at their sides. If you chose blob #20, you probably feel like you’ve won at life. But are you going to stay up there all by yourself? Look at all the other blobs. Do you see anyone who could maybe use a hand? If your tree doesn’t have a #2, #20 should drop their zero and head back down to the foot of the tree.

Blob #21

Blob #21 is in the tree but barely hanging on. They’re clearly worried about their place. If you chose #21, you probably feel like you’re hardly hanging in there. But look down, is the grass that far away? If you need to let go, let go! Find a #2 to help you start climbing up again.

What does the blob tree mean?

Each part of the blob tree means something a little bit different.

The tree

The tree is simply the place where people gather. It can represent a number of different spaces, from your family to your workplace, your school, even church. The tree is where people gather. 

The grass

The grass around the tree is anywhere outside of the tree. You may think that the grass would be a negative space, but it is in fact quite neutral. It can be positive, negative, or neither.

The blobs

The blogs, and by that we mean the people hanging out in and around the tree, convey a number of different feelings, expressions, and states of being.

What should you do with this information?

Pip Wilson’s blob tree exercise is really only that – an exercise. It’s not a fortune, it’s not a prediction, it’s not a tarot reading – nothing of the sort. It’s an exercise to get you thinking about where you feel you are in life and what you need to do in order to do better or remain where you are.

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